Winter Favorites

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winter favorites

Have you seen the meme floating around social media that says January has been a long year but its finally over? This winter has felt extremely long thanks to the polar vortex and continual rounds of snow here in the midwest. My winter favorites list reflects how I’ve been passing my cold days!

Electric Blanket

winter favoritesThe best Christmas present I got this year was an electric blanket from my mom. I had an electric blanket last year but it died, so I was ecstatic to receive a replacement. If you live in a cold climate or just get cold easily YOU NEED TO OWN ONE! Whenever I am sitting down on the couch to watch TV or read, I am using this blanket. It helps me keep our thermostat at a lower setting without getting cold, so it also saves me money.

My husband complained that I was freezing the rest of the family out while I was toasty warm under my electric blanket, so you might want to grab one for every member of your family. I need to get another one just for my dogs. They are both in the 6-7lb range, so not exactly designed for winter weather. They spend every possible moment on this blanket, whether I am trying to use it or not.

Dangerous Prayers

winter favoritesI’ve been reading quite a bit this winter, and one really interesting book I picked up was Dangerous Prayers: 50 Powerful Prayers That Changed The World. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but I absolutely LOVE it! I would definitely recommend the hardcover edition vs. Kindle because it is full of beautiful illustrations, and even more beautiful prayers that read like poetry. 

One of my favorite prayers in the book was the very first one by Richard Allen, who I had never heard of. 

O, precious blood of my dear Redeemer! O, gaping wounds of my crucified Savior! Who can contemplate the sufferings of God incarnate, and not raise his hope, and not put his trust in Him? What, though my body be crumbled into dust, and that dust blown over the face of the earth, yet I undoubtedly know that my Redeemer lives, and shall raise me up at the last day; whether I am comforted or left desolate; whether I enjoy peace or am afflicted with temptations; whether I am healthful or sickly, succored or abandoned by the good things of this life, I will always hope in Thee, O, my chiefest, infinite good.

That is just one of the beautiful and amazing prayers in this book. This would make a great gift, and I think a lot of ages would enjoy reading it and flipping through it.

Under Eye Gold Mask

winter favoritesWinter can leave my sensitive skin dehydrated and angry. I’ve been focusing more on skincare lately and one of my best finds are these Under Eye Gold Masks. They come individually wrapped and you apply them under your eyes for 15 minutes or so. They are cool and hydrating and my favorite way to use them is right after my morning skincare routine. I apply them and then lay under my electric blanket for about 15 minutes. Pure bliss!

The description says that these are vegan and the collagen in them is plant based. It is VERY hard to find vegan eye masks, so I was so excited to find these! At $10.99 this is a very budget-friendly way to indulge yourself!

Scrape-A-Round Ice Scraper

winter favoritesIt might seem odd to include an ice scraper on this list, but if you live in a cold climate you know what a huge pain in the drain it is to scrape ice off of your car windows. I had seen ads on TV for these, so I had to order one and see if it actually worked. It is like magic on icy, frosty windows! You will still want a traditional scraper with a brush to clear snow off of your car, but this scrape-a-round will save you an impressive amount of time clearing ice!

So there is my eclectic list of winter favorites? What are you enjoying this season?


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