What To Stock Up On In September

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What To Stock Up On In September

Today I am going to share what to stock up on in September. Retailers tend to follow a pretty specific pattern with the items that they put on sale, so this is a good rule of thumb to get the best deal. I have never been one to coupon, or really even pay attention to sales. But the other day I stopped in the dollar store down the street to grab a notebook and the conversation I had with the cashier really affected me.

I have a small, hard shell card holder for my debit and store cards that is falling apart. As I pull it out of my purse she remarked that she loved how organized my purse was. I commented back that my card holder was falling apart, and she informed me they sold them there for only $3. I thanked her for that bit of information and told her I would certainly be back to pick one up soon. Then she started telling me that a couple of items I had purchased were cheaper at Walmart. “Oh, its ok. I don’t really shop sales, I just buy what I need.” She responded,

“I wish I could do that, but my money is too tight not to pay attention.”

She didn’t say it as a condemnation of my purchases, simply a wistful observation. 

I’m certainly not wealthy by any standard, and as a matter of fact I often feel the stress of financial issues. But after that conversation with the cashier I realized – I’m not a good steward of what I have. Sure, I do a budget every month, I put money in savings, but I do those things because they are relatively painless. When I want something I haven’t budgeted for, guess what I do? That’s right, I swipe the debit card anyway. If I decide I want to order pizza for dinner, I do. Luke 16:10 says:

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much

Is that a light bulb going off for anyone else? I resolve from this point forward to be faithful in those little things God has entrusted me with, even if it means looking at a sales flyer now and again. Would you like to take this journey with me?

The first step in my quest to be a better steward of my finances was getting a lay of the land for bargain shopping. Something I was surprised to discover is that there are certain things you should buy during certain months. I’ve done some research and here is what to stock up on in September.


What To Stock Up On In September

School Supplies

There are still some lingering deals on things like pencils, crayons and paper. This is a good time to buy what your kids could run out of during the school year, or even pick up some items for shoeboxes this Christmas.

Diabetic Supplies

September is a great month to stock up on diabetic testing supplies as well as things like sugar free food. Keep an eye on your sale ads for these deals this month.

Seasonal Produce

My favorite thing about this time of year is all the apples! Watch for great prices on those, as well as grapes, squash and tomatoes. 

Summer Clearance

Stores will drastically reduce summer items in September to try to get rid of them. If you are in the market for a pool, patio furniture, lawnmower, air conditioner, or even a swimsuit, now is the time to buy. The selection will probably be pretty picked over, but you will find the lowest prices of the year.

Labor Day Sales

This year Labor Day falls on September 5, so look for all kinds of great sales centering around the holiday. Food for those grill outs like hot dogs, buns, and condiments will definitely be on sale. Clothing and furniture stores also tend to run great sales around labor day, so this is a good month to replace some of those bigger items.

New Cars

If you happen to be in the market for a new car, September is the month to buy. Dealers will be slashing prices to make room for the 2017 cars that are coming onto their lot, so you may just score an amazing deal on a new 2016 model.


This month look for some amazing deals on travel as the season winds down for most destinations and off-season pricing starts to kick in.

Kitchen Items

August was the month of back-to-college sales on things like kitchen utensils and small appliances, so look for retailers to be reducing prices to get rid of what they have left. Mini-fridge anyone?


I would be remiss if I didn’t include one of my favorite devices, iPhones. Apple is launching the iPhone 7 in September, so look for the price of previous models to drop by around $100.

Now you know what to stock up on in September. Will any of these items make your list?



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