20 Realistic Dave Jobs To Pay Down Debt

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20 Realistic Dave JobsI have been through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University twice, and am also getting out of debt for the second time. His principles work if you follow the program! He talks about getting “gazelle intense” when paying off debt, which means running like your hair is on fire! One of the quickest ways to get out of debt is to add Dave Jobs, or side hustle, to increase your income. Adding a second job can help you get through the baby steps much faster, like paying off debt, building your emergency fund, paying off your mortgage, and saving for retirement or college. 

There are tons of ideas on the internet for side hustles and Dave Jobs, but many of them are completely unrealistic. I am not going to turn my home into a bed and breakfast, nor do I foresee myself standing on the street corner with a sign. Today I am sharing a list of 20 realistic Dave Jobs that almost anyone will be able to do to get out of debt.

20 Dave Jobs:


Skills Required: You need to have SOME skill to teach someone else, but it can be anything! Whether you are proficient with an instrument, good at math, or know how to crochet, you have a skill that someone else will pay to learn.

Time Involved: The nice thing about teaching a skill or tutoring is that you can set your own schedule. Typical lessons last between 30-60 minutes, depending on the topic.

Compensation: The amount you charge will vary depending on what skill you are teaching and what area you live in, but you could easily charge $20+ per hour for most sessions. If you want to maximize your earnings, consider teaching a group instead of one on one.

Pet Sitting/Walking

Skills Required: You need to love animals and be responsible, but other than that, just the ability to walk! Many pet owners (myself included) don’t like the idea of kenneling their pet while they are at work or on vacation. Being able to stay with their pet, or stop in and walk it, is a valuable service!

Time Involved: While you would be able to pick and choose what gigs you wanted to accept, pet sitting can be time consuming because you are actually staying with the dog. If someone is paying for their dog to be walked, odds are they are expecting more than one trip around the block.

Compensation: Compensation will vary depending on the service and amount of time you are spending with the pet. Check sites like Rover to connect with dog owners seeking your services!

Sell A Product

Skills Required: This will vary wildly, but creativity is a must. You can sell anything from crafts to graphic design services, so use what is in your wheelhouse.

Time Involved: This type of venture can be extremely time consuming. Focus on things you can do in a short amount of time because people typically aren’t willing to pay for craftsmanship in homemade items. Sad, but true!

Compensation: Again, the compensation will vary depending on the product. Try selling on Etsy, or renting a booth at your local farmer’s market. Make sure you take listing fees and booth rental into account when pricing your items!

Pizza Delivery

Skills Required: The ability to drive and be friendly. 

Time Involved: Pizza delivery will require you to work a schedule because you will be employed, but typically you can do it on nights and weekends.

Compensation: The hourly compensation is typically minimum wage, but tips are where the money is at in pizza delivery. This is the quintessential Dave Job, and you can read some success stories on his site.

Sell Things Online

Skills Required: The ability to photograph items and upload them to a site like eBay.

Time Involved: This may seem a bit time-intensive at first, but once you get used to listing and selling your time commitment will be pretty minimal.

Compensation: This will vary depending on what you are selling. I have made hundreds of dollars on old designer purses and cell phones, but barely broke even with less-valuable items that cost a lot to ship. Weigh EVERYTHING before you set a shipping price. Shipping can eat up all of your profit if you are not accurate.

Write An eBook

Skills Required: To write an ebook you need to have a basic concept of grammar, and the ability to write in a cohesive fashion. Some rudimentary design skills are also required unless you want to hire out editing and formatting. Check out Amazon’s KDP.

Time Involved: This can be pretty time consuming depending on your writing skill and topic. 

Compensation: This will vary wildly depending on the price and popularity of your book. What’s nice about this type of income stream is that it is residual – once the ball starts rolling you can make money in your sleep.

Be A Virtual Assistant

Skills Required: Virtual assistants do everything from write blog posts, schedule social media, optimize blog posts for SEO, edit, format ebooks, or even schedule appointments for their employer. Check out this book for some guidance.

Time Involved: This will vary depending on how many clients you have and what you are doing for them.

Compensation: This will vary depending on what you are doing and how proficient you are, but some people earn a full-time living being a VA.


Skills Required: Having a vehicle that fits the Uber criteria and the ability to drive.

Time Commitment: Completely flexible! Spend as much or as little time driving as you want.

Compensation: This varies, but here is an estimate by city


Skills Required: Having a home or apartment, communication skills, and being clean. Here is a good guide.

Time Commitment: It just depends on how often you want to offer your space. 

Compensation: This depends on what kind of space you are offering and how in-demand your area is. During the Super Bowl small apartments in Houston were going for $5,000!

Donate Plasma

Skills Required: Being medically able to donate blood/plasma, and not being a baby about needles.

Time Commitment: The initial appointment can take a few hours, but after that approximately two hours per week.

Compensation: This can vary, but when I donated plasma I averaged $25 per hour. Not shabby considering I got to lay there and play Candy Crush.

House Cleaning

Skills Required: The mobility to clean and attention to detail.

Time Commitment: This will vary depending on how many clients you accept and what type of cleaning they want you to do. When I cleaned houses for a few elderly people I could do the entire house plus laundry in 2-3 hours.

Compensation: This will vary depending on area and tasks performed, but $20+ per hour is pretty standard.

Mow Lawns/Snow Removal

Skills Required: You need to have your own lawn mower/snowblower and be able to physically mow/snowblow several properties.

Time Commitment: This will vary depending on how many clients you accept. If you do snow removal, you will need to be available every time it snows.

Compensation: This will also vary depending on area and size of lawn, but around here the going rate for a small to medium lawn is $40. Not shabby for an hour or so of work!

Sell Drinks At Events

Skills Required: The ability to be at events no matter when they happen, some up front cash to purchase drinks, and some sales skills. Some events will require you to have a permit, so make sure you check that out. I live in Iowa where there is a yearly bicycle ride across the state that tens of thousands participate in. Many people go to Sam’s Club and buy bottled water and other drinks and park along the route to sell them. They make a killing!

Time Commitment: Varies, but expect to spend all day or more at an event. 

Compensation: This will vary depending on the event.

Respite Worker

Skills Required: To be a paid respite worker you typically need to be licensed or certified through the state. This is an easy process that just requires some paperwork. 

Time Commitment: This will vary depending on how many clients you accept and what their needs are. My sister did respite care for our cousin who has special needs. Since she knew the family they were able to negotiate times to work for everyone;’s schedules. Respite can be a few hours of babysitting, to a week of in home care depending on the needs.

Compensation: I believe this varies from case to case, but expect above minimum wage.

Car Detailing

Skills Required:  An attention to detail and a few basic cleaning supplies.

Time Commitment: Allow several hours for each car, but you can schedule at your own convenience.

Compensation: Detailing is pretty painstaking work, and typically commands $100+ per car. To charge premium prices you need a good reputation and to do an amazing job.

Customer Service Online

Skills Required: Typically a computer and high speed internet, as well as a quiet room you can work in. Some jobs require customer service experience.

Time Commitment: Most of these jobs will require an actual schedule, so the time commitment will vary by company. A few allow you to work when you want, but they are harder to find. Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Uhaul often have openings for work-from-home customer service.

Compensation: From what I have seen this varies from minimum wage to around $12 an hour. But, a lot of these jobs offer benefits as well.

Direct Sales

Skills Required: You will need some time and money to invest into a direct sales business up front. In order to be successful you also need to be good at sales and marketing.

Time Commitment: A direct sales business is your own to run as you see fit, so the time commitment is flexible. The first few years can be very time consuming as you get your business off the ground.

Compensation: This varies WILDLY. Personally I make a few hundred dollars a month from my direct sales business, which covers the product I use plus a little extra. I know some people who make 7 figures a MONTH. Don’t go into a direct sales business thinking you will get rich quick. Typically it takes about 4 years to really start seeing your efforts pay off.

Become A Notary

Skills Required: You need to be a licensed notary to perform this service.

Time Commitment: Very little

Compensation: This will vary just depending on how in-demand your services are. Typically you can charge in the $10 range to notarize something, so unless you are in a profession where you can network with professionals who need your services, this won’t be a big income.


Skills Required: A nice camera, knowing how to use it, and knowing how to edit photos.

Time Commitment: A typical photo shoot may take 20 minutes, but there will be hours of editing afterwards.

Compensation: This will depend on your skill level and demand, but you can expect to make anywhere from $75 to hundreds per photo shoot. The appropriate equipment can be expensive, so this is a great Dave Job if you already have a nice camera and some skills.


Skills Required: You can freelance anything from writing to graphic design 

Time Commitment: This varies depending on the project, but you can typically work when you want to as long as you meet deadline.

Compensation: Beginner freelancers don’t usually make what they are worth, but once you establish a portfolio and some clients this can be a nice income. Check out sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

It can be overwhelming to think about getting a second job, but once you start seeing the progress you are making on your debt it will be worth it. This list of Dave Jobs has something for everyone, so I hope it has given you some inspiration! If you have any other ideas for Dave Jobs, I’d love to hear them in the comments!


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