Why I Quit Bullet Journaling

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Why I Quit Bullet Journaling

Ok, I’ll be honest. The title is a bit of a stretch because I am still using several journals to help organize different areas of my life. But I have quit using a bullet journal in the traditional sense and I’m going to explain why.

I first discovered bullet journaling last year and I was instantly in love. I am always in search of the next great planning method, and this seemed to fit the bill. It allowed for total flexibility, but was also a great creative outlet. One aspect I struggled with from the beginning was future planning. I am a self-employed hairstylist and being able to have an accurate, reliable calendar to track my appointments in is a must. Also, legality dictates that I keep a record of those appointments for 3 years. I finally gave up and started using a planner and bullet journal at the same time, and I was happy with that for a while.

As my summer got busier, I had less time to set up planners and journals and ended up putting everything into my Erin Condren Vertical planner. It was a little cramped to keep everything in one planner, and left me virtually no room for any of my blog work. Then I received a Color Crush binder and decided to try that as my sole planner for a while. While I think that system definitely has promise since I can easily add extra pages, I’m not crazy about the inserts that came with it. 

Am I a crazy planner lady who will never be happy? Possibly. But the point is that there is no system that is one-size-fits all and its ok to switch it up.

I am still in love with bullet journalling. I can’t get enough of pictures of people’s new spreads and ideas, but I don’t have the time margin, or quite frankly artistic ability, to incorporate the same layouts into my bullet journal right now. I need a place to write down appointments, and jot reminders and to-do’s that is quick and easy, but pretty enough to make me want to use it. Right now a planner fits that bill.


I do still utilize two bullet journals, although not on a daily basis. I have a personal one and one for blogging. My blog bullet journal gets the most use as I jot down notes and instructions for sponsored posts in it and track payments I am owed. In my personal bullet journal I am tracking pen-pals, prayer journaling, and just jotting down quotes that stick with me.


Will I ever pick up full-blown bullet journaling again? There is no doubt in my mind that I will, and hopefully sooner rather than later. But I am choosing to be realistic about things that are helpful tools to me, and things that are overwhelming and time consuming. 

No matter what planner system you use, if you are feeling overwhelmed by it, I would encourage you to take a step back and evaluate what your needs are. Maybe an all-digital system would work better for you. The only right way to use a bullet journal is the one that helps you be productive and happy. Have you found planner peace with one system?


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  1. I CAN NOT BELIEVE how much THIS post resonates with me. I am also a hairstylist, own my own salon, rent stations to other stylists and currently engineering a very unique suite of skin and hair products. I am also a mom, a networker and all-around go-getter. I have more than one planner and I have managed to mix and match, mish and mash and start, stop and restart planning and planners. Thank you for your post! I actually feel a bit saner knowing there is at least ONE more person out there like me! LOL!!

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