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my-minimal-bedroom-copyWe have lived in our house for about a year and a half now, and I am gobsmacked at how much “stuff” we have managed to accumulate. Compared to average households, we are probably still on the minimalist side of things, but its more than what I am comfortable with. So I have started the long process of decluttering the entire house. One room, however, has managed to stay pretty clutter free, so today I am sharing my minimalist bedroom.

The Konmari method talks about a “click” point – when a room is decluttered to perfection and you are done actively changing that space. My bedroom is click for me. And I do a few intentional things to keep it that way.

Stay On Top Of Clothes

Clothes are often the enemy of a clean bedroom, so if you can master them you have cleared the biggest hurdle. Start by decluttering and minimizing your wardrobe. If you have enough clothes to let laundry pile up for weeks, you have too many clothes! Then, once your wardrobe is a manageable size, stay consistent with a laundry routine. Fold AND put everything away so you don’t have piles of clothes everywhere. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up really helped me to get my drawers and closets organized. She talked about everything from how to know what to get rid of, to how to fold it in your drawers when you are done.

Keep “Stuff” Out Of The Bedroom

Something I am really adamant about is not bringing other “stuff” into the bedroom. Whether its food, or even a laptop it can lead to clutter staying in your bedroom. If you do bring something extra into your room, put it away immediately. Don’t treat your bedroom like a storage area, keep only what is pertinent to a bedroom in there.

Don’t Hide The Clutter

It can be tempting to remove the clutter from sight and stuff it into closets and dresser drawers, but resist that temptation! If you don’t have a place to keep something, you may want to reevaluate if it is something you should be hanging onto. When we hide clutter out of sight instead of dealing with it, it has the tendency to creep back into the room and doesn’t really address the root of the problem. It’s ok to have an empty shelf or drawer. Just because you have space doesn’t mean you need to fill it.

Make Your Bed Every Day

This one has proven more difficult for me since my husband starting working overnights and sleeps until early afternoon, but I still try to make it a priority. When you bed is neatly made it sets the tone for the entire room. It’s a lot less tempting to dump a load of clothes on a nice and neat bed than it is one that is already rumpled anyway. Something I have learned is that I need to keep my bedding simple. I love beautiful bed sets with matching sheets and throw pillows, but if it takes me more than a few minutes to make the bed the odds of me doing it are less and less.

A good night’s sleep is an essential foundation for a productive day, so keeping a minimal and clutter-free bedroom is a priority to me. And, I have found that having one room “click” has inspired me to declutter the rest of my house. 

It can be overwhelming to think about decluttering your entire house at once, but its like the old saying about eating an elephant – you do it one bite at a time. I think the bedroom is a great place to start and I hope some of these tips have inspired you to get started creating your own minimal bedroom!


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