Minimalist Farmhouse Decor

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Minimalist Farmhouse DecorThe whole process of buying our first home was so stressful that the day we moved all I could feel was relief. We were finally home! Never again do we have to worry about our house being sold out from under us, or living with undone repairs. But that feeling of contentedness was quickly replaced by discontent. I can’t wait to get new carpet. Can we paint this room? If only those cabinets were replaced this room would look a lot better. Suddenly everything needs to be perfect right NOW. 

Thankfully it doesn’t take too many Dave Ramsey podcasts for me to re-center (seriously, if you need a kick in the pants just listen to his show!). Our house isn’t perfect, and not everything is quite my taste, but we will get there! And most importantly we will get there in a financially responsible fashion. In the meantime I love daydreaming and even putting together collections of things I would love to decorate my home with.

Minimalist farmhouse is probably not a term you’ll hear on Fixer Upper. Because I made it up. But I feel it pretty accurately describes my style. I love shiplap and cotton stems as much a the next person, but lets take it down a notch.

Since I am not going to immediately purchase everything I like, I made something of a wish list or vision board and I thought I would share it with you. This has been a great way for me to gradually compile the items I want without breaking my budget, and it gives me time to really think purchases over. Sometimes when I have the cash in hand I decide I didn’t really like something as much as I thought I did!

Our house was built in 1925, so while it has seen many updates, it still has original trim, arched doorways and beautiful brass doorknobs. I love the history of the house and I think a minimal, farmhouse-bent decor lends itself to honor the age of the home. The kitchen was remodeled maybe 10 years ago or so, and while I love the size and cleanliness factor of newer furnishings, I am not in love with the oak cabinets or gold hardware. A fresh, white coat of paint is in their future, as well as some updated hardware. These are some accessories I would love to add to the room:

minimalist farmhouse

  1. Family Scale Blue Vintage by CountryGirlsVintage on Etsy $68
  2. Open Shelving By Smokestack Studios Etsy $105
  3. Vintage Style Hanging Light Amazon $32
  4. Braxton dining Table Target $674

Another room in desperate need of some attention is my bedroom. It is currently rocking some hunter green mini blinds from circa 1996, which are covered by some very old handmade curtains that are too small for the windows. I already have a white comforter that I love, and a teal nightstand, but beyond that everything is fair game. These are some things I would love in there:

Minimalist Farmhouse Bedroom

  1. Shabby Chic Lightswitch cover by TheShabbyStore Etsy $9.99
  2. Antique Brass Table Lamp Amazon $184
  3. Mini Deer Head Amazon $44
  4. Climbing Floral Window Panel Target $21
  5. Gray Blanket Ladder by SouthwesternLove Etsy $33

I have a few more things that I would really like to update that aren’t confined to specific rooms. Like the huge 1980’s chandelier hanging in our foyer, complete with frosted glass and gold trim. Or the odd hallway upstairs outside of our bedrooms, complete with what I call the Sixth Sense Closet (if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I am talking about. We have a Harry potter closet, too). Here’s a collection of odds and ends I would like for various spots around the house:

Minimalist farmhouse Decor

  1. Antique Globe Metal Chandelier Amazon $140
  2. Reclaimed Wood Boxes by CountryByTheBumpkins Etsy $18
  3. Candleholders Amazon $56
  4. Gifford Side Table Target $116

Its fun to window shop and dream, and by creating lists and boards I can get a lot clearer picture of what direction I want to go with different rooms. Its hard to wait and save to make our house the home I envision, but I am excited to share updates with you as I put it together piece by piece. How would you describe your home decor style?



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