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Congratulations! You made it through the first week of the cleaning schedule! Today is laundry day.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough clothes to just do laundry once a week. I wash a load once per day (twice if we have a laundry crisis i.e. bodily fluids) and am able to keep up on our clothes, and daily used laundry that way.

So I use Saturdays to strip all the sheets off the bed and wash them, and do any “spring cleaning” type of laundry, like curtains or rugs.

That’s not terribly exciting, but what is notable about laundry day is what you use. I am all about using natural products where I can, and even made my own laundry soap for a while, until I started reading up on soap vs. detergent. Most “natural” laundry soaps, as well as homemade versions, contain soap – no detergent. Detergent is a surfactant (I knew that beauty school chemistry would come in handy some day), which help water effectively wash clothes through friction, and also attracts and suspends soil on clothing. 

Soap’s efficacy is drastically reduced by hard water, and even soft water still contains enough mineral content to make soap no bueno for laundry. It doesn’t clean effectively, and it leaves behind a buildup, which can eventually damage the clothing.

This is like the Michael Scott 5-year-old-with-a-lemonade-stand version, but you get the drift. I have hard water, so I use powdered Tide (the powdered version has more ingredients intended to soften the water) and a little Borax or Calgon (also to soften the water). The amount of detergent used should be based on level of soil, not size of load.

I don’t use any softener, or even dryer sheets. The real key to less static in clothes in not over-drying them.

For stains I use Thieves cleaner as soon as possible – even undiluted for severe stains (Yes, I really do use Thieves cleaner for everything).

Now for my dirty secret – I’m not a stickler for separating. If I have enough darks to wash separately I will, so I can wash them in cold (less fading), and like to dry the towels separately (fuzz!) but other than that, I throw everything in together. I was on the smallest setting, and lowest temperature possible for the load.

So there is the lowdown on laundry! And seriously, wash your sheets once a week. 



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