How To Save Money On Household Items

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How To Save Money on Household ItemsWhen I need to cut my budget down the first area I attack is groceries. Not only is it easy to overspend in this category, it’s also easy to cut back. But one budget category I ignored for a long time is household items. I NEED garbage bags and toilet paper, so no cutting back there. Right?

After a few months of being intentional in this area I have found some great, unconventional ways to save money on household items without giving up toilet paper. Here are a few things that have worked for me.

Coupon Apps

I’m not a couponer. It seems silly to spend hours and hours cutting coupons and planning your grocery tip when I could spend those hours working and making more money than I would save. But a friend recently coerced me into downloading a few coupon apps and I have actually made a little money back. Ibotta and Checkout 51 are both pretty easy to use. You just browse the current offers, then snap a picture of your receipt to earn cash back. Another new one to me is Saving Star. This one works similarly to Ibotta and Checkout 51, but I was actually able to link my grocery store rewards card to this account so I get money back without doing anything!  Top Cashback is a good one for online shopping. I was excited to see they even had offers for Sephora! You can get $5 for signing up when you use my referral link. You aren’t going to make millions of dollars with coupon apps, but I am learning that all these small savings add up. It’s free money, why not claim it?

Switch To Reusable Products

Making the switch to more reusable products can make a big difference in your household budget. I purchased some wash cloths for cleaning and have cut my paper towel usage by 75%. You can go as crazy with this as you are comfortable. Quit buying paper plates, Swiffers, etc. and find reusable options. Some people even use cloth diapers, reusable feminine products, and yes, even cloth toilet paper. No judgement from me, whatever floats your boat!

Shop Online

I have had great success shopping for household items online vs. just throwing them in my cart at the grocery store. has lower prices on my favorite Mrs. Meyer’s soap and dish soap than I can find locally. Shopping online keeps me out of Target, which we all know is saving me money. Use my referral link to get $10 to spend. When people use your referral link it also gives you $10, so the more you share the more free household items you get.

Join An MLM

MLM’s have gotten a pretty bad rap lately, which is unfair. I been a Young Living member for a few years. I don’t actively pursue Young Living as a business, it has become a huge asset to my budget.many of my friends and readers were interested in trying Young Living after I shared my experiences. Every time someone new joins under my link, I get $50! But what really helps my budget is the monthly residual income I get from my downline. My friends told their friends, and my team grew to the point that I receive a nice check every month. I have to spend $100 to receive all of the commissions, and since I earn more than that it is basically 100 free dollars to spend. I get our toothpaste, household cleaner, vitamins, supplements, and even some food products through Young Living virtually for free. Joining a direct sales company isn’t a guarantee of making money, but if its a product you would buy anyway, why not earn a little money back??

Use Fewer Products

No matter where you buy your household products, one surefire way to save money is to use fewer of them. I use Young Living’s Thieves cleaner for virtually every cleaning task in my home. I do get Mrs. Meyer’s toilet bowl cleaner from Grove, just because toilets are gross and I like a stronger scent, but you could use Thieves for that, too. Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is another product that is great for multi-use. It can be used for everything from face wash to a surface cleaner, and it has no toxic chemicals. 

These are just a few ideas to help you save money on household items. Do you have any more? I’d love to hear them in the comments section!



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