How To Prepare For A Long Car Ride With Kids

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Today is a sad day in my house as my stepson are leaving to go back to their mom’s house, which is 14 hours away. The boys have spent summers with us since they were toddlers, and it gets harder to send them back every year. The worst part about the day they leave is the 14 hour drive that lies ahead of them. Over the past 7 years I have discovered a few tips that make that long car ride a little easier on them.

Plan And Pack Ahead

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The day before the boys leave I make sure they are completely packed and ready to go. This eliminates running around looking for things at the last minute. We used to constantly forget to send things back with the boys, so now as soon as they arrive I write down each piece of clothing in their suitcase. That way I can check them off as I repack the suitcase and won’t miss anything. I also lay out their clothes to wear the night before so they can just get dressed and go.

Pack A Busy Box

Its easy to just hand kids a screen when you get in the car, but I find that packing them a box of toys like little cars and Pokemon cards keeps them much more entertained. They do have Kindles in case they want to watch a movie, but more often than not they will reach for the box of toys.

Pack Some Healthy Snacks

I find the kids typically do not want to eat a full meal in the car, so I try to pack some healthy snacks they can graze on. Recently I was sent a box of Veggie-Go’s Fruit and Veggie Snacks, which are perfect for sending in the car. They are certified USDA Organic, have no added sugar, are non-GMO and have an entire serving of fruits and veggies.

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My kids were able to taste test the different kinds and flavors before the road trip, and some clear favorites emerged. The Strawberry Chia Seeds + Beets bites are so tasty even mom liked them! They also liked the Berry Rice Crisps + Greens, the Orange Cocoa Nibs + Carrots bites, and the Berry Apple + Spinach strips.

car rides

Veggie-Go’s Fruit & Veggie Snacks are available to purchase in most Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts Farmers Markets, Amazon, and To find a store near you, visit: nd-us

It is definitely going to be quiet in my house for the rest of the summer, but I am thankful we had a great time with the boys. The long car ride in between their two homes can be tedious, but with a little preparation and care it is a lot more enjoyable.


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