How To Create A Clean and Healthy Fridge

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Clean and healthy fridge

My husband and I have both wanted to clean up our diets and drop some weight for quite some time, but we weren’t disciplined enough to actually do it. We finally decided enough was enough and got serious about sticking to it. One of the biggest factors that contributed to us staying on plan was getting the stuff we weren’t supposed to be eating out of the house! Today I am going to show you how I set up a clean and healthy fridge and set us up for clean eating success!

Gather Your Supplies

Clean and healthy fridge

Grab some paper towels, rags, soapy water and 20 Mule Team Borax®. Borax is an all-natural product that you are probably used to using in the laundry room! When we had hard water I used it in every load of laundry to help soften the water. You may not know that Borax has a ton of other uses! Everyone should really have a box on hand because it’s so versatile. I like using it to help clean out the fridge because it is great for getting up those sticky messes, and it helps to deodorize as well. You can use it to help clean the sink, microwave, etc.

clean and healthy fridge

I found my box of Borax at Target in the laundry aisle – with the laundry additives. While I was there I picked up a few clear bins to help organize the fridge after I was done cleaning it.

Take Everything Out of the Fridge

Clean and healthy fridge

Start by taking EVERYTHING out of the fridge. If you have sticky condiment bottles, wipe them off with some soapy water and a rag. Check expiration dates and toss things as necessary. This is also a great time to read labels. If something does not fit with your dietary goals, get rid of it! Temptation sitting in the fridge leads to eating things you shouldn’t be.

Clean and healthy fridge

Clean Every Part of the Fridge

clean and healthy fridge

Now that the fridge is empty, wipe everything down with soapy water. If you have any stuck on, stubborn places put a little Borax on a damp rag and it will help to clean them right up. Since the inside of my fridge is white, there are mystery scuff marks on everything that soapy water doesn’t budge. I like to go over these with the damp rag and Borax as well because it removes them almost immediately. Make sure you pull out drawers and clean underneath them, too! If any of your drawers have a funky smell, dissolve 1/2 Cup of Borax in a gallon of hot water and clean them with that solution. Finish by rinsing and wiping with a dishtowel.

Re-Stock A Clean and Healthy Fridge

Clean and healthy fridge

Now that your fridge is clean and deodorized, you can start putting food back in. To make it easier for us to choose healthy meal options, I like to do some food prep ahead of time. We buy lettuce in bulk so I wash it, chop it, dry it and then store it in large, resealable bags with a paper towel to absorb any residual moisture.

Clean and healthy fridge

I like to prewash our produce, then store it in containers for easy access. This makes it easy and less time-consuming to pack a lunch or throw a quick meal together.

Clean and healthy fridge

Get the junk out of your house and only stock your fridge with foods you can feel good about eating. That makes it much easier to make better choices! 

Next time you are shopping make sure to grab a box of Borax and keep clean and healthy fridge!


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