February Reads

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February Reads

Can you believe it is almost March already? Here in the Midwest it seems like spring will never come, but my calendar tells me otherwise. I didn’t read as much as I normally do in February, but I have some good February reads I want to share with you.

I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening) – Sarah Stewart Holland & Beth A. Silvers

February ReadsI have been a long-time fan of the podcast Pantsuit Politics. When Sarah and Beth announced that they were writing a booka book, I knew it would be a must-read. 

It’s been said for ages that you do not discuss religion or politics in polite company, but given the current political climate its almost impossible not to be drawn into the mire. I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening) doesn’t discourage us from discussing politics – quite the opposite. This book encourages us to quit with the polarizing arguing and “take off our team jersey.” When you strip away labels like Republican and Democrat, it can be surprising how much middle ground we can actually find with the other side.

The jersey also blinds us to the humanity of the other side. This team-sport mentality has created a toxic mix of competition and confirmation bias. Our team is never wrong, and the other team is always wrong. Somewhere along the way we stopped disagreeing with each other and started hating each other. We are enemies, and our side is engaged in an existential battle for the very soul of the country. We are no longer working toward common goals. We are no longer building something together. Our sole objective is tearing the other side down. Nothing short of total victory is acceptable. Again, it’s much like how we view college basketball in Kentucky: We can’t just beat the other side. We have to annihilate them.

This book should be required reading for all members of congress! And that uncle who always wants to argue politics at kids’ birthday parties. It has definitely changed my thoughts on politics and current events, and has made me really examine WHY I believe the things I do. If you are tired of the arguing and back and forth, you should definitely read this book!

Made For This by Jennie Allen

February ReadsI’ve been a fan of Jennie Allen since I started watching the If:Gathering a few years ago. I’ve read her books before, so when I saw she had a new one I jumped at the chance to review it. Made For This is actually an interactive journal that takes you on a 40-day journey to discover your purpose and pushes you to give up control and security and go all-in on God’s plan for your life. 

If you have read any of my previous reviews, you know that I love devotions I can write in! I’ve been highlighting and jotting notes from the first page.

This book is basically a daily devotional, and I like that it goes deeper than many “read this and jot down a few answers” books. I am going through this with a friend of mine, and I feel like my mind is blown and my comfort zone is challenged daily!

Jennie says:

I wanted to be right with God at the end of my life rather than right with all the people in it.

Somewhere I picked up the idea that if things did not feel right or fall perfectly into place, God was not in them. I thought obeying God should feel pretty easy and convenient. For instance, if God was calling you to Rwanda, then He would have a buyer for your house in two weeks; and if not, He likely wasn’t in it …  Where did I get that?

I didn’t have to get far into the book before I felt uncomfortable myself, and had to ask some hard questions. Due to an unstable childhood, my whole adult life has been orchestrated around building security and stability. What if I tell God I’m willing to do anything and all that stability crumbles?

As much as this book is stepping on my toes and scaring me, I can’t wait to get through it. I feel like it will be life-changing. If you are looking for a good challenge, or a new devotional I highly recommend Made For This.

Can you believe I only got two books read in February? Even though I read a LOT last year, I am not forcing myself to read to hit a certain number. I’m only reading what I enjoy and when I feel like it. I hope you enjoy checking out my February reads!


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