Favorite Diffuser “Recipes” For Young Living Essential Oils

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One of my favorite ways to use essential oils are in a diffuser. In fact, we have 3 diffusers in our apartment – one for each bedroom, and one in the kitchen/living area. I diffuse almost all day long, and have recently started diffusing at night. My husband isn’t at all opposed to essential oils, but he isn’t really committed to using them on himself, so by diffusing I can oil him up without him even knowing lol.

Sometimes I walk over to my oil shelf and stare blankly, unsure of what I want to diffuse. Using a blend is always an easy bet because there are several oils already in the bottle, and it is usually pretty clear what the purpose of the blend is. But that is a little boring, so I have started documenting some of my favorite “recipes” to diffuse.

Joy and Lemon Essential Oil

Joy and Lemon mixed are by far my favorite and go-to diffuser combo! I love this in the morning to ensure good moods, and boost our focus, but its really suitable to diffuse any time.

Joy is a blend of bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, lemon, coriander, tangerine, jasmine, roman chamomile, palmarosa, and rose essential oils. It is good for emotional balance, and once you get used to “oily” scents, it smells really good.

Lemon is energizing, good for cleansing and detoxing, aids in focus – its benefits are endless. Combined with Joy it “softens” the scent and makes it really refreshing for the morning. Lemon is very budget-friendly, which is also a consideration when diffusing.

I use about 5 drops of Joy and 3 drops of Lemon – but you will want to vary based on how strong you want the scent.

Rosemary and Vetiver Essential Oils

I first tried rosemary and vetiver essential oils together in my diffuser one afternoon when I needed to get some work done. I wanted something to help me focus and be productive. Turns out this is the magical recipe that makes me fall right to sleep, so I have since moved it into my “oils to diffuse at night” category. Oils will affect each person differently, so try it out and see!

Vetiver is a very thick oil, so I have to (CAREFULLY) remove the plastic stopper to drop this into my diffuser. This is another one of those scents that is a bit stinky strong when you aren’t used to the essential oil smell, but now I love it. I almost feel like I crave it sometimes! Vetiver is great for emotional grounding, and relaxation.

Rosemary supports mental alertness and clarity. I NOW diffuse it with peppermint while I am trying to work instead of Vetiver since, sadly, I don’t get a lot of work done while I am sleeping. Rosemary is another budget-friendly oil, so a regular in our diffusers!

Lime and Purification Essential Oils

I am a little late to the lime essential oil craze. Every time I wanted to order it, it was out of stock. So I didn’t get my first bottle until last month. WOW! This one is going to be a monthly order. 

I LOVE to diffuse lime by itself because it smells delicious, but sometimes I want to tame down the “sweetness” of the scent. One of my favorite combinations is Purification and lime. This is my go-to when I want to freshen the smell of our apartment, or when my daughter is cooking (ok, bad joke).

Purification is a blend of citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca, lavindin, and myrtle. Purification cleans the air, repels insects, and eliminates odors.

Lime is an invigorating, stimulating oil – and did I mention it smells amazing? Its also one of the cheapest oils that Young Living offers!

Together these two oils create a light, clean, citrusy scent that is great for an afternoon pick-me-up.

White Fir and Valor Essential Oil

White fir essential oil is not one that Young Living even sells. It is in several of their blends, and they gave out bottles as a part of a promotion last month. I didn’t use it for a while because the smell didn’t really appeal to me, but I read something about it being good for releasing emotional trauma.

My husband had a dear family member pass away recently, and had to deal with a lot of family drama, so I concocted this diffuser recipe for him and diffused it while we slept. Holy moley, I had 3 of the weirdest dreams ever. Not nightmares, and actually not even unpleasant, but they revisited times in my life that I didn’t even realize I was carrying baggage from. I woke up feeling the most refreshed I had in a long time. My husband claims he didn’t dream anything, but maybe he forgot them. 😉

Valor is an excellent blend to diffuse, but has been out of stock for quite some time with no replenishment in sight, so I diffuse sparingly. Valor is a blend of rosewood, spruce, frankincense, and blue tansy oil and is bottled with coconut oil as the carrier. It smells AMAZING!

Valor promotes feelings of confidence and is great to combat anxiety.

This definitely isn’t an exhaustive list of all of the mixtures and blends that we diffuse, but it might give you a few ideas for what to drop into your diffuser today. I often post what I am diffusing for the day on my Instagram, so be sure to follow me there.

What’s in your diffuser?

 (If you don’t have any essential oils, click here to order yourself some! And if you have the oils but no diffuser, you want this one.)

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