Fall Minimalist Makeup Bag

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Fall Minimalist Makeup BagIf you are into makeup then you feel me when I say this is a hard category to stay minimal in. I used to own over 100 eyeshadows alone, so the fact that I am now down to ONE pallet and a couple of stray shadows is nothing short of a miracle.

Now that the seasons are changing I’ve had the urge to switch up my routine a bit. And since my birthday is this month it was the perfect excuse to add a new pallet to my collection. I’ve switched up a few of my other products lately as well, so here is an update on what I am using for fall.

My Fall Minimalist Makeup Bag

The New Pallet

I have brown eyes and have been more than satisfied with the Tartlette in Bloom pallete for the better part of a year now. But the fall season has me craving some rich aubergine tones. Purple is one of the most difficult shadow colors to find, because the formulas are often chalky and difficult to blend.

Fall Minimalist Makeup Bag

Laura Mercier is hands down my favorite company for purple shadows, and this pallet is perfect for fall. This is the Eye Art Artist’s Pallete and I think it is perfect for fall! if you have brown eyes do yourself a favor and add a purple/plum shadow to your collection.

The Brows

Fall Minimalist Makeup Bag

I have used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz for years, but when I recently needed to replace it I tried the Dip Brow Pomade in Ash Brown. I had a little learning curve to keep it natural, but I love the color and how quickly I can do my brows with this product.  This has also eliminated my need to use brow gel, although if I know I have a long day ahead of me sometimes I will still swipe it on for longevity.

Face Products

Fall Minimalist Makeup Bag

If you watch my YouTube videos you know that I was using a Wet and Wild foundation, but didn’t love it when I replaced it. Now I am using the Bare Minerals BarePro Performance Liquid Foundation in Champagne. The jury is still out on whether I will repurchase this foundation. I love how it looks when I first apply, and I have gotten several compliments on my skin when wearing it. But by the end of the day I feel like it is sliding off my face.

Fall Minimalist Makeup Bag

I am using the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in light sand. The color match is PERFECT, but this formula is SUPER thick. Not only do I waste a lot in the application, I have been going through beauty blenders like crazy because I can’t get this washed out of them without shredding them. I am going to try the Tarte Shapetape next time.

Fall Minimalist Makeup Bag

I just use this cheap NYX HD Finishing Powder, and it works fine. But if you have a little room in the budget to splurge the Laura Mercier Setting Powder is divine. 

Fall Minimalist Makeup Bag

I am pretty fair skinned and I have always had issues finding a bronzer or contour that doesn’t oxidize orange on my. Right now I am using the Wet n Wild countouring pallet. Pros: the price is certainly right, and the dulce de leche shade isn’t TOO warm on me. Cons: this has the worst fallout of any product I have ever used. I feel like I need to dust after I use it. For blush I am using e.l.f. Studio Blush in Twinkle Pink. For $3 this is a totally acceptable NARS Orgasm dupe.

Eye Makeup

Fall Minimalist Makeup Bag

I already talked about my new pallet, so here’s what I use for the rest of my eye makeup. I use a Marc Jacobs liner for my waterline (I got it as a sample). My all-time-favorite eyeliner is the Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper. But this last time I was trying to be thrifty and I got the NYX Epic Ink Liner in black. It’s ok, but I will be going back to the Kat Von D. The NYX liner is a lot “runnier” and tends to even run down into my tear duct until it dries. 

Fall Minimalist Makeup Bag

I have been enjoying the Tarte Gifted mascara, but when Ulta had a one day sale on Tarte Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara I snagged that instead. The moral of my fall minimalist makeup bag story is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I can’t wait till it’s time to replace this mascara so I can go back to Gifted.

Going to the mall isn’t my idea of a good time, so I do almost all of my makeup buying online. One thing I have recently discovered that saves me money on my makeup purchases is Ebates. I had heard of Ebates, but quite frankly I wasn’t sure if it was legit. I finally signed up and I have earned over $30 cash back in the past few months. Sign up with my referral link and you will receive $10 cash back to get you started.

A lot of minimalists just swipe on chapstick and call it good, but having been in the beauty industry for the past 20 years that will never be MY minimal. I like to switch up my makeup routine seasonally, which helps keep it fresh without too many products.What does your minimal makeup routine look like for fall?


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