DIY Printed Wood Coasters

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DIY Wood printed Coasters

I just started doing the Daniel Plan 10 day detox, so that means drinking water. Lots and lots of water. I have carried a water bottle around for years, especially since I started using essential oil. I love a drop of one of the Young Living Vitality oils in my water, but that makes using a glass water bottle necessary. Citrus oils break down petrochemicals, which is great in our body, but means it will eat through plastic.

Here’s the thing with glass water bottles. They all get gross super fast. Is it just me? Every few months I am on the hunt for a new water bottle because mine is getting moldy in the lid, or a broke it, or it’s starting to leak. It’s much easier for me to just grab a glass of water when I am at home, but I have one big problem. I have no coasters!

It is so irritating to me when I have a glass of water sitting on a paper towel, so why I haven’t remedied the no-coasters problem sooner is beyond me. I did a little browsing online and wasn’t able to find a set I loved in my price range, so I decided to make some.

Initially my idea was to make coasters out of some rustic wood slices, but my craft store had them priced at $4.99 each. No thank you. (I was able to find a better price on them from Amazon) I was abut to give up on the homemade coasters when I found these little wood discs for 29¢ each. The price was right, and they were a perfect size.

I have heard that you could print things on wax paper and transfer before, but I have never tried it. This technique is so fun, I can’t wait to try it on another project! So whether you are in the market for some unique, yet affordable coasters for your own home or a gift, try these out. 


You will need wood slices or wood discs

Wax Paper

An inkjet printer

Mod Podge


A piece of printer paper

Credit card/gift card

Find the image you would like to transfer onto the coasters. I found some on, which is a royalty free stock photo site. Printing onto the wax paper can be a little tricky. Some like to tape the wax paper to printer paper, but that just jammed my printer. I found that carefully cutting a piece of wax paper and running it through the printer solo worked best.

applying the transfer

Keep in mind that after you print your design, the ink on the wax paper will be wet. Carefully place the paper, wax side down, onto the wood disc. Press the design onto the wood with your finger, and if it doesn’t fully transfer use the credit card to thoroughly rub across the entire design until it transfers to the wood. Let the ink completely dry before moving onto the next step.

smeared 🙁

Seal with polyurethane or Mod Podge (what I used) and let dry completely. I found that some colors wanted to smear, so dab the Mod Podge onto the design vs. dragging it across.

Mod PodgeI am pretty easily impressed, but I think these are so cool! And the possibilities are endless. What a great gift these would make!

A couple of notes on the transfers. If you are transferring text, or anything that would look “off” backwards, you will need to flip your image before printing it. You can do this in Photoshop, or PicMonkey.

coastersYou could use this technique on any wood surface including signs or boxes. There will definitely be some DIY printed wood coasters in the Christmas stockings this year.


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