DIY Fall Wreath: Repurpose and Reuse

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DIY Fall Wreath

Now that it’s September I can finally share my DIY fall wreath with you! I don’t think it’s ever to early to break out the fall decor. My philosophy is if people don’t like it, they don’t have to look at it.

We are trying to downsize and reduce clutter in our home and lives, so we currently have a moratorium on buying anything unnecessary. Holiday decor falls into that unnecessary category.

I have some Halloween decorations, but nothing appropriate for early fall. I wanted to at least get something to hang on the front door, so I decided to bend the “no buying anything unnecessary” rule and look for a pretty fall wreath when I was in Michael’s. Because washi tape IS a necessity.

Holy smokes and hold the phone. Have you ever priced pre-made wreaths in a craft store? $60-80 were the prices on the pieces I liked, and necessary or unnecessary, that wasn’t going to happen. I bit dejected, but determined to have a fall wreath I came up with the brilliant idea to repurpose a wreath I had found in our garage. Now, when we moved into this house the previous tenants had trashed it and left about 13 truckloads of garbage between the house and garages. 

wreath before

In the piles of junk there was this grapevine wreath that I had rescued. It was incredibly dusty and smashed, but I saw some potential in it. I figured most of the accoutrements were attached with floral wire, so they would be easy to snip and remove. Boy was I optimistic.

This wreath was made up of 3 grocery bags full of dusty leaves, and about 17 tons of hot glue. Yes, precisely 17 tons. It took me enough time to remove the foliage and glue that I was determined to NOT use any hot glue when I put it back together.

Back to the craft store I went where I picked up a few things to add to the DIY fall wreath. With coupons I spent about $16, so a considerable savings over the $80 wreath I had previously spotted. I also got some fine-gauge floral wire to attach the things I had chosen.

DIY fall wreath

Can we talk about how cute that little acorn is?

I started by removing the stems from the flowers, and trimming down the stem on the cotton. Then I played around with how I wanted to place them on the wreath and started wiring them to it. Using all wire and no hot glue was a little tricky, but this was I will be able to switch it out seasonally if I want to.

wire wrapping

I absolutely love the way the DIY fall wreath turned out! My only complaint is that it was too fat to hang on the door that I initially intended to, so I had to hang it on our lesser-used door. 

DIY fall wreath

As you can see, I wasn’t able to get every last piece of glue off, but its not very noticeable. I decided to leave a little bit of the original foliage on to act as a backdrop for the new pieces I added. Plus, I was just really tired of picking glue off the wreath.

DIY fall wreath

I hope this inspires you to look at some of the decor pieces you already have and see if they can be repurposed instead of continually throwing things away and buying new when we want to refresh. What’s hanging on your door this fall?


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