Bathroom Organization From The Dollar Store

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Small Bathroom Organization

When we bought our house the bathroom was ugly. Really ugly. We don’t have the budget for a total remodel right now, so we settled for some updated paint and decor. It made a night and day difference, and I actually like our bathroom now!

The facelift inspired me to go through the cabinets and storage as well. While we tend towards minimalism, a family of 5 is going to have a fair amount of stuff in the bathroom. Previously that stuff was just shoved into the narrow-but-deep linen closet beside our sink and it was driving me crazy! I went through everything a couple of weeks ago and I love the results. That cupboard is now functional, neat, and easy to access instead of a jumbled mess.

Successfully organizing a space like this involves a lot more than just throwing things in baskets. I’m going to walk you through my process step-by-step so you too can master bathroom organization.

Don’t Just Throw Things In Baskets

Small Bathroom Organization

Truly organizing is going to require a bit more than just going to the Dollar Tree and buying baskets. I suggest taking everything out of the space, thoroughly wiping it down, then intentionally replacing things. I got rid of things like old makeup, excess combs and brushes, and products I had tried and didn’t like. If you need help decluttering, check out this post. Once I pared things down to the necessities, I was ready to organize them. 

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Small Bathroom Organization

These rectangle plastic baskets that I found at the Dollar Tree were the perfect size and shape for my long, narrow cabinet. That may not be the case for you so take some time to really envision what type of storage containers you want before heading to the store. I prefer square and rectangle storage containers vs. round because they stay side by side much nicer than round containers.

Put Your Most Used Items In Front

I store my face wash, etc. towards the front of the cabinet since I am pulling them out most frequently. That way I can easily access them without having to pull the baskets out or knock anything over. Items I don’t use as frequently, or duplicates are stored in the back.

Don’t Use Your Bathroom For Storage

A big game-changer for keeping my bathroom cabinets neat and tidy was realizing that I didn’t need to store 261416327 rolls of toilet paper in there. Now I keep a few rolls in the bathroom, and store the rest of the bulk package in the basement. About once a week I check to see if I need to bring more up. I will keep an extra stick of deodorant or something small in the bathroom, but for the most part I try to avoid it.

Keep The Cleaner Handy

Small Bathroom Organization

Since decluttering my bathroom I have room to keep cleaner and rags in there. Every morning I wipe down the mirror, sink, and toilet after I get ready. I can’t tell you how much cleaner by bathroom stays on a consistent basis, all because the cleaning tools are right there. I keep a spray bottle of diluted Thieves cleaner under my sink, and microfiber cloths in a drawer. All of the cloths for the bathroom are blue. That way I know I am never wiping my kitchen counters with the same rag that I wiped the toilet seat.

My Specific Storage System

In our linen closet the top shelf is mine. I have two plastic baskets with my skin care, lotions, hair products, etc. My makeup and brushes are off to the side.

On the second shelf I have a three drawer organizer with Q tips and cotton balls. Our toothbrushes sit in an old mug, and there is a basket with manicure tools and combs. Since I organized my husband has been sneaking some of his things onto this shelf, too.

The third shelf has our dogs’ shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste. Yes, we have to brush their teeth. One basket contains extra razor blades, and nail polish and remover. I try to only buy one or two shades of polish per season so we basically use them up before buying another. This is HARD for a cosmetologist, but it has drastically reduced clutter and waste in that area. The next basket is my daughter’s face wash, etc.

The bottom shelf is where we store a few rolls of toilet paper, neti pot, epsom salts, some extra hair products (I buy shampoo and conditioner by the gallon and refill our bottles), and a basket with the blow dryer and a couple of curling irons. The basket it from the Dollar Tree as well.

Here is a little tour I did of the bathroom and my storage on my YouTube channel:

Bathroom organization doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive! I hope these tips inspire you to make a plan before your next trip to the dollar store, and get organized!


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