Apple Pie Cookies and Mini-Pie Gift Packs

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Apple Pie Cookies And Mini Pie Gift Packs

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a few days away? The holiday season is so busy for my family, it really sneaks up on me. We have been celebrating with some tasty mini-pies, and apple pie cookies.

This year my step-sons, who live 14 hours away, will be able to join us. We get the boys for summers, and every-other holiday, so as you can imagine, our time with them is precious.

I think only one person is more excited about them coming than us – our neighbor Bob. We moved into this house in April, and the elderly gentleman next door came over and talked to my husband a few times – mostly to inform him not to blow grass in the street when he was mowing. He was a little crusty and unfriendly, so I mostly avoided him. One day the kids were outside and struck up a conversation with him. The next thing I know Bob had picked up some dog treats on his weekly grocery run so he could give our dogs one when he saw them outside. He knocked on the door to give my daughter a birthday card. He fixed one of they boys’ bikes. 

Slowly that crusty old man started to thaw out, and he was making excuses to meander outside and chit chat. He even started talking to me when I was outside! Between Bob’s stories, and information from my friend who owns our house, we learned that he is all alone, and has severe back problems. He suffered from learning and speech disabilities in school and has dealt with various forms of bullying most of his life. Over the summer he went from a grouchy, solitary man, to a smiling, talkative surrogate grandparent to my kids. I think his heart grew a few sizes!

Since the boys left to go back to school, and colder weather set in, Bob has been outside less and less. We exchange waves as I pull out of the garage, but his head has started to droop again. I can’t wait for the boys to get here to bring a little cheer to Bob’s holiday! We have extended an invitation to family events before, but he always declines, so my plan is to send a little bit of the holiday to him.

The other day we were in Walmart and noticed the pies in the frozen food aisle, and I had a brilliant idea.

walmart pie

Marie Callender’s® Dessert Pies offers an easy solution to pay to forward. This momma works 3 jobs, and I am all about products that make my life easier.

For this little project I used a Marie Callender’s Southern Pecan Pie. Bake the pie according to package directions, then take a drinking glass and jam it into the pie. Push ALL the way down, then twist until you have a small, circular piece of pie. Use a knife to loosen it from the glass, then place the mini-pie round on a plate. You should be able to get 4+ mini-pies out of one full-sized pie. This would be a great presentation for you holiday meal, too. Place the mini-pies in the freezer until you are ready to package them.

mini pies

What can you do with the leftover pieces? Check this out for some creative, and tasty-looking ideas!

Pie Gift tagI debated on how to transport a mini-pie to Bob, and opened my cupboard door. We have tons of these plastic takeout containers, thanks to delicious Indian food, and I am guessing you have a few of these laying around, too! Place the mini-pie in the container, and finish with a swirl of Reddi-Wip®. I added a label that says “Pie” am thankful for you! I can’t stop with the pie-isms. Click the picture above to download my label! You can print on sticker paper for a label, or card stock for a nice tag.

My kids loved putting this together, and are so excited to bring it to Bob on Thanksgiving day! But, they didn’t want to get left out on the pie creations.

mini pie tag

Apple Pie Cookies

We created this Apple Pie Cookie recipe, and let me tell you, I should listen to those kids more often. These are delicious! Here are the ingredients you will need:

• 1 Marie Callender’s® Lattice Apple Pie

• 6 sugar cookies

• (optional) Reddi-wip® to garnish

Bake the pie according to package directions. Allow to slightly cool, then carefully remove the lattice top. Be gentle, because you will use this on your cookies! Spoon apple filling into a bowl. Use a knife to dice apples into smaller pieces. Spoon the filling onto the cookies. Then, cut the lattice top into smaller pieces and place on top of the cookies. Garnish with Reddi-wip® if desired.

apple pie cookies

These cookies are a perfect project to make with the kids because it is easy, and delicious to eat afterwards! Seriously, try not to eat them all as you are making them.

If you can think of something, you can pie it! What better time of the year to show a little kindness – whether it is to your neighbor, or a coworker, or anyone who could use a little brightness. 

apple pie and mini pie

Do you have a creative idea to #ShareTheJoyOfPie? Tell me about it in the comments!


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