5 Ways To Read The Bible More

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I once saw a Facebook meme that said something to the effect of “how different would your life be if you read your Bible as much as you check Facebook and Instagram?” Wow, my life would probably be way different! I really am very busy, am sometimes I find it difficult to sneak in meaningful Bible reading, but, as any of my Facebook friends could attest, I have plenty of time to post videos of my dogs dancing for food.

Recently I have decided that this needs to become more of a priority in my life. Really, its pathetic that I have to FORCE myself to read the inspired words of God, when in other parts of the world they risk their lives to do so.

Let that sink in.

I’m not trying to guilt or shame anyone, not even myself, but it definitely changed my perspective! Here are a few ways I am adding more Bible reading into my day.

1. Download the YouVersion App

I might be partial to this app because it is produced by Lifechurch.tv and I attend a network church of theirs, but I think this is the best Bible app available for mobiles devices. There are versions I have never even heard of available, the option to listen to the Bible, and tons of different devotional and reading plans. Right now I am on the Let’s Read The Bible Together plan, which goes through the entire Bible in one year. Doing my daily reading takes about 20 minutes, and if I miss I day, I can easily reset the plan to catch me up. Plus, when the Bible is available on my phone I can access it while waiting at the doctor’s office, when I have down time at the salon, etc.

2. Verse of the Day Emails

I subscribe to a daily email from K-Love radio that automatically sends me a verse every day. This has been a huge blessing to me, because more often than not the verse is completely relevant to my day. As soon as my eyes open in the morning, I roll over, grab my phone, and start flipping through emails. This way I have a verse to meditate on while I get ready for the day, whether I have time to do my long daily reading or not. You can sign up to receive the same email here.

3. Journaling

This is a habit that I am working on, but haven’t mastered yet. Its one thing to read the Bible, but studying it is quite another. Now that I control my own schedule and my mornings aren’t as hectic, I plan to sit down with my coffee, Bible, notebook, and pens, and study away in the mornings. Maybe evening works better for you, or on a lunch break. Fun pens and a cute notebook NEVER hurt, because how much more exciting is it to do something when you have cute tools to do it with?

4. Signs and Decor

Ok, this might sound a little nutty (you must be new here), but I have consciously started decorating with more things that have Bible verses printed on them. Not to flaunt how uber religious I am (that notion will dissipate when you get to my wine collection anyway), but as a reminder to me as I go about my day. One of my favorites is a little plaque that has  Phillipians 4:8 on it, “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” My attitude tends to be sarcastic realistic, so I need this reminder OFTEN.

5. Schedule It

Yep, write it on your to-do list. Often when I don’t read my Bible its because I plain and simply FORGET to, so adding it to my daily schedule eliminates that excuse. Once you get in a good habit, you won’t need to remind yourself quite so often.

In my humble opinion reading the Bible isn’t about how much you can read every day, or how long you spend, its about what you get out of it. So, who is with me on making this a daily habit?


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