5 Ways To Challenge Yourself Creatively

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5 Ways To Challenge Yourself Creatively

If you are a creative person, being able to create is really necessary to filling fulfilled. Over the past year or so my creativity was put on the back burner in favor of working and playing CEO of all things domestic in my house, but it left me feeling over worked and burned out. 

Creativity can look like art, writing, or even making and editing YouTube videos. For some of us, it is all of the above, Once I hit that point of burnout, it was hard to even force myself to be creative. I needed to reboot and challenge myself creatively to get back on track.

5 Ways To Challenge Yourself Creatively

how to challenge yourself creatively

Take A Class

If you need some creative inspiration, take a class! I recently started a creative planning class and it has reignited my love for all things are supplies. Skillshare is full of classes on any creative topic you can imagine. I have taken Photoshop classes before, and this winter I plan to take a watercoloring class. Having structured assignments from a class got me back into the habit of creating every day. Once I was back into that habit I started to enjoy it, and even crave that time to sit down and do something artistic.

Steal Like An Artist

If you are really tapped out in the creativity department, browse Pinterest for some inspiration. Obviously I am not advising you to claim anyone else’s work as your own, but copying someone else’s planner spread or doodles can be a great springboard for more creativity. Pinterest is a great place to make an inspiration board. Start by copying something you like. The more you copy, the more you’ll start to develop your own style and learn to take bits and pieces from what you like.

Commit Daily Time To Being Creative

The main reason I often let creativity fall by the wayside is a time crunch. We all have the same 24 hours, and we can all squeeze in at least 15 minutes a day for a creative pursuit if we simply make it a priority. I am a wife, mom, and business owner so I can understand burning the candle at both ends. I had to re-evalute how I was prioritizing and the things I was saying yes to. Being creative is not only a priority to me, it is critical for me to feel fulfilled. I HAD to find room for it and let go of some things that were making me artificially busy.

Get New Supplies

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I used some of the money I was given to purchase art supplies. Nothing makes me want to create more than a new marker, or some nice paper, or a great pen! Tombow Dual Brush pens are new to me, but they have inspired me to try new coloring and stamping techniques. Distress Inks are also new to me, but I have learned how to make awesome galaxy pages with them.

The House of Plaidfuzz Galaxy spread

Don’t blow the budget on supplies you wont use, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself to some new tools once in a while, either.

Simplify Your Space

Nothing squashes my creativity like a messy, unorganized workspace. Artists aren’t always organized by nature, and that is why it is so important to simplify and have firm priorities. I could easily collect every single art supply known to man, and probably even find a use for them. But I just don’t have the room to store that much without it becoming cluttered. Art and planner supplies are some of the least minimalistic areas of my life, yet it is still important to keep them simple and orderly.

Why You Need To Challenge Yourself Creatively

how to challenge yourself creatively

I believe we we all have an innate need to create! Creative pursuits enrich life, and can even lengthen it! If you have felt a little uninspired, or like you haven’t had time to create I challenge you to try a few of these tips to get the juices flowing again!

How important is creativity in your life?


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