2019 Planner Stack: Updated

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2019 planner stack

Earlier this year I shared which planners I was using for 2019 and how I would be using them. I’m sure it comes as a surprise to no one that my 2019 planner stack has changed since the beginning of the year. I have come to terms with the fact that planner peace for me is being able to try new things and change as often as I want. Whether you are ride or die with one planner, or like to hop around like I do, I think you’ll enjoy seeing this updated planner check in.

B6 Stalogy

Recently I moved into a B6 Stalogy notebook as a hybrid of a bullet journal and to-do list. I don’t do any forward planning in this notebook, but it does contain my blog and Youtube plans, finances, goals, lists and dailies. I LOVE having everything in one place, but since there isn’t a predetermined layout, I don’t feel as much pressure to make it “pretty.” Plus I can change the covers to satisfy my need for change without upsetting the actual system inside.

Currently I have this notebook in a de-ringed, personal Filofax Malden. The color is ochre, which strays from my usual gray palette, but I am loving it!

A6 Stalogy

I liked my B6 Stalogy so much I also got an A6 size, which I put in a pocket de-ringed Filofax Malden. This functions as a daily journal, but I haven’t been very faithful in keeping up with it.

Erin Condren Hourly

2019 Planner Stack

An Erin Condren hourly Lifeplanner has been my main planner for several years now. Since I’ve started using the Stalogy this isn’t my every day carry any more, but it is still where I do all of my future planning and write down the important things I need to keep track of.

Erin Condren is releasing her new Lifeplanners soon and I am undecided on whether I will pick up a new one on release day, or wait til the end of the year when my current planner runs out. If you’re thinking about grabbing one you can get $10 off your first purchase with my referral link

Hobonichi Weeks

I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to give into the Hobonichi Weeks trend, but I finally did. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with this planner, but I already love it! I’m usually a pretty functional planner who uses minimal stickers, but you give me cutesy, teeny, tiny stickers and apparently I can’t stop myself. This planner is just a fun little project for now, but it would be great size to toss in my purse.

Filofax Pocket Malden

The planner I throw in my purse and take with me is this gray Filofax Malden in pocket size. Gray is rare and hard to find, but I also have a stone that I switch it out with occasionally.

Have you stuck with one 2019 planner, or have you changed it up?


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