Young Living Thieves Cleaner Review and Uses

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Thieves Cleaner Review

I got my Young Living Essential rewards order after a lot of painful waiting! First I didn’t realize that the credit card I had on the account had a fairly low spending limit, so when Young Living tried to run my order, it wouldn’t go through. It took a few days for them to re-run it once I changed the card. Then Fed Ex tried to deliver during the only 10 minute window when no one was home, and wouldn’t let me pick it up at the processing facility like they usually do when I miss a delivery. I was out of several oils so I was desperate!

essential rewards order

One of the things I was most excited about receiving was the Thieves Essential rewards kit!  There were several products in this kit I wanted to try, plus I had run our of Thieves essential oil! Thieves is great for canker sores, headaches, tooth pain, and boosting immunity, plus I love the smell, so this is a must-have in our home. I was excited to try the Thieves Dentarome toothpaste, Thieves hand soap, and the Thieves cleaner.

I had read wonderful things about the Thieves cleaner and had wanted to order it for a while, but it was out of stock. I don’t know why I didn’t think to purchase the essential rewards kit sooner because it has TWO bottles of the Thieves cleaner, plus all the other products I wanted to try.

The cleaner is seriously concentrated. There are several different dilutions for different jobs, but the one for general cleaning is 1 part Thieves cleaner to 30 parts water. That means two capfuls filled a large spray bottle with cleaner. I haven’t done the math on what this works out to per bottle, but I will get a LOT of bottles out of the concentrate I bought. The bottle in the picture was a smaller one I made for my mom. That took a capful. Yes, I measured a capful at a time.

I have to say I really love the cleaner. I love natural cleaners, and I have tried EVERYTHING. I was ordering a certain cleaner off of the internet that did an ok job, but Thieves cleaner blows that one out of the water. And the nice thing is that this will replace literally every cleaner. You can even clean glass with it!

So far I have cleaned every surface in my kitchen and bathroom with Thieves cleaner and they really are sparkling! My favorite part is that this cleaner is totally non-toxic. If I am cleaning the kitchen and some overspray hits the apples in the bowl, no biggie. If my dogs are around when I am spraying, its not harmful to them at all. 

If you are interested in purchasing any Young Living products, check out this post!

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