Young Living: I Took The Plunge

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You would think that since my family is vegetarian we would be pretty healthy, but on closer look, we really aren’t. My husband and daughter are both on prescription medication, my husband and I are overweight, I suffer from migraines. We have so many prescription and over-the-counter medications they are spilling out of the cabinet.

Since we have decided to change our financial health this year, improving our physical health is also a priority. I have been doing some googling and research about how to deal with some of our issues naturally instead of with another pill. 

One day I saw a post from a blogger I follow about how she treats some of her family’s ailments with essential oils and I was intrigued. She was kind enough to share some resources with me to do a little research into oils and Young Living, the company she uses.

I have heard of essential oils – I even had a couple bottles in my stash left over from soap making – but I didn’t know that they were used to treat so many health problems and symptoms. I also didn’t realize the extreme difference in quality between brands! Young Living is a multi-level marketing type of company, so unfortunately some of the people I talked to were really trying to give me a hard sell, and that immediately turned me off. The hype sounded amazing, but I wanted some real evidence that they worked without someone earning a commission. 

The starter kit is $150, which is quite a chunk of change for people who are trying to save money for a house, so I looked at the link for about 3 days in a row without ordering. Then last week I was hit with a major migraine and not only missed a day of work, felt pretty terrible for several days after. As soon as I could stand looking the computer, I got on and ordered my kit!



There are several ways to order from Young Living. You can just buy as a retail customer, pay retail price and order as much or as little as you want. Or you can sign up as a wholesale member. To be a wholesale member you have to start by purchasing a kit, which range in price from $40-150. I actually went with the Premium $150 kit because it was by far the best deal, and has a good sampling of oils and products to get started. With a wholesale membership you get 24% off retail price, and only have to purchase $50 for the year to keep your wholesale status. You can sell to others if you want to, or you can just buy for yourself and get a better price. I liked the no-pressure aspect.

This week I didn’t get hit with a full-on migraine, but I had a headache for 3 days that Tylenol and Excedrin were not touching. On day 3 I finally remembered the bottle of lavender essential oil I had stashed and pulled it out. I applied it to my temples, sinus area and feet about 3 times throughout the day. I also used my neti pot a few times because I felt like I had some sinus pressure. After about an hour nap I still had a little headache, but I felt 75% better. The rest of the day I was pretty drained, and almost dizzy, so I just laid low. I applied some more lavender oil before I went to bed.

I woke up the next morning totally headache free. I was pretty sold at that point, since the oils were able to do what drugs were not. 

So, if you want a little more information, I will certainly answer any questions I am able to, or direct you to a more knowledgeable resource. If you are interested in signing up click here:

My sponsor # should be filled in automatically, but if its not go ahead and type in 1710487.

I am excited to see how oils continue to help our family, and while I won’t ever be doing hard sales pitches from this blog, I will definitely keep you updated!



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