Young Living Oil Diffuser Favorite Recipes

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Young Living Oil Diffuser with Orange Essential Oil and En-R-Gee Essential oil

If you have followed this blog for a while, you know that we ditched a lot of chemical products in our house in favor of Young Living essential oils almost a year ago. That includes air fresheners and warmers that emit carcinogens, and toxic chemicals. A quick Google search was enough to make me ditch the plug ins. 

But, I still have little boys, and little dogs running around that don’t exactly smell like fresh cut roses most of the time. We won’t talk about my teenager’s toxic waste dump we call a bedroom, or any smells my husband contributes to our apartment. 

In spite of all the Stinky Pete’s that are living in our small space, I almost always get complimented about the scent in our apartment because I am ALWAYS diffusing essential oils. The best was when one of the little neighbor boys knocked on my door to see if my kids could play. “Your house smells beautiful!” he said.

I don’t know what beautiful smells like, but apparently it is akin to what comes out of a Young Living Oil diffuser.

If you are already oily, you no doubt have a bunch of bottles of oil, and maybe even a diffuser. But sometimes it is overwhelming to mix and match, and choose oils that will smell good and add a pleasant vibe to your living space. Here are a few of my favorite combos.

Young Living Oil Diffuser Recipes


Christmas Spirit + Idaho Balsam Fir is Christmas in a diffuser. Christmas Spirit is warm and cinnamon-y, while Idaho Balsam Fir smells like a fresh cut tree. I diffused this combo a lot during the holidays, but I am still reaching for it pretty regularly to warm up the scent in the apartment during this never-ending frosty January. Together these oils help to purify the air and balance energy.

One of my favorite, FAVORITE oils to diffuse is lime. It is so bright and cheery and smells like a fresh key lime pie. Its also one of my favorites to add to beer water for a refreshing flavor. Thieves is a pretty bold cinnamon scent that is delicious on its own, but paired with lime it is to die for. Not to mention this combo offers immune support, is purifying, and energizing. 


Jade Lemon is a fairly new oil to me, and it is really similar to regular lemon. I like diffusing Joy and Lemon together so I thought what the heck, lets try it with Jade Lemon. Wow, this combo smells amazing! It helps with emotional balance, its uplifting, and it stimulates the mind. This is great to pop in the diffuser when you hit that afternoon slump.


Speaking of the afternoon slump, sometimes its closer to a coma. That’s when I break out the big guns and diffuse En-R-Gee and Orange. Now, if you are like me you ordered En-R-Gee thinking, “This is exactly what I need!” And then got the oil and proceeded to slather it all over. And quickly realized that it smells like feet. Feet that possibly could have been on a dead body for a few days. Its bad. Not typically what I would want to disperse throughout my house, but paired with orange, its downright pleasant! The energizing effects of En-R-Gee are amazing, and orange is uplifting and contributes to emotional balance. If you are feeling daring, or are just too tired to care about smelling the feet of a corpse, give this one a go.

So, those are a few of my favorite Young Living Oil diffuser recipes, what are yours? And, if you don’t have any Young Living oils to diffuse head over here and get started! If you have oils and no diffuser, this is the one you want.

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  1. The diffuser blends you’ve recommended sound great & I’m excited to try them. Perhaps I overlooked but I didn’t notice how many drops of each oil you recommend for these diffuser blends. Please share. Thank you!

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