What’s In My Bag

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As my kids have gotten older I have passed the point of needing to carry everything but the kitchen sink with me when we leave the house. So what’s in my bag? No more jukeboxes and crumbled crackers in the bottom, but still a lot of useful items I won’t be without!

What’s In My Bag

Currently I am carrying a Guess Talan Girlfriend Satchel. I’d like to eventually carry a bag that’s just a bit larger so I can toss a planner or book in a little more easily, but for now it works.

What's In My Bag

In the zipper pocket I keep my health related items like my Epi Pens, inhaler, and Kleenex. Can’t leave home without them! My kids are old enough that I don’t bring a lot of stuff for them, but they ALWAYS need a Kleenex for one malady or another. 

What's In My Bag

In the front pocket I keep my keys, a tube of Carmex (that my daughter helpfully labeled after I accused her of swiping my tube ?), Ice Breakers Mints (they HAVE to be in the blue container), a random pony tail holder, and Thieves Mints, which aren’t really that minty.

What's In My Bag

I have these two bags in the middle section. The smaller is a coin purse with two sections that I keep all of my cards in one side, and cash in the other. The larger bag is actually an essential oil bag made by a company that no longer exists, but this one looks similar.

What's In My Bag

What’s in my essential oils bag? A nail file (I ALWAYS need one when I don’t have one, so they are stashed everywhere!), Thieves Hand Purifier, Thieves Spray, a Pentel energel pen, Buxom lip gloss in Dolly, cough drops, an allergy pill, and some essential oils. 

What's In My Bag

On any given day I may also toss in a planner, my Kindle paper white, or a bottle of water.

Keeping It Clean

I have a couple of habits that help me keep my purse clean and orderly. When I get home I immediately remove any receipts, etc that need to be thrown away or just don’t belong in my purse. About once a week I take everything out of it and make sure it’s organized and replenish things like my cough drop stash if necessary. I like to give the outside a quick wipe as well. Your purse picks up a lot of germs when you are out and about! Keeping small things in bags to keep them together helps, too!

I love seeing what other people carry in their bags, so I hope you have enjoyed this peek into mine!


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