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So, if you have been following my series, you know that today we vacuum! At the risk of completely outing myself as a nerd, I love to vacuum. And I am particular about it. So much so, that no one else os allowed to vacuum. Do the dishes, scrub the toilets if you must, but don’t touch my Dyson.

Maybe you don’t get that excited about vacuuming, but if you are following my 31 days to a clean house series, you are vacuuming today.

First, let’s talk equipment. I use a Dyson DC65 Animal and I LOVE it. If a Dyson is not in your budget, check out the Eureka Boss vacuum. I had this before my Dyson, and only replaced it because I couldn’t find another one locally. This rivals the Dyson for suction, but not longevity. I LOVE that it has a bag – which is preferable for allergies.

While vacuuming is on the schedule once a week, there is one room in my house I vacuum every day. My living room overlooks the backyard, and my two little fuzzy dogs go outside via the french doors. Which means they drag souvenirs from the outdoors back in with them, i.e. lots of leaves. So, use your judgement on how often you need to vacuum.

For the rooms I vacuum frequently, I do a quick sweep, make sure my vacuum lines look awesome, and call it good. For the rooms I do once a week (mostly wood floors) I get a little psychotic with the vacuuming. I vacuum the whole room one way, then vacuum sideways, so it gets good and vacuumed.

The beauty of having the Dyson is that is goes pretty seamlessly from carpet to wood floors, use your judgement on if your vacuum is good for your hard surfaces. I also have the Dyson hand vac that I can vacuum corners and touch up in between. Love that thing.

So, if you DON’T vacuum your hard surfaces, sweep mop or whatever you do to them on this day.

You are half way to a clean house this week!

31-Days-To_A-Clean-House-SeriesThis post is day 7 in my 31 Days To A Clean House Series. Read the rest here!


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