Using Young Living On A Budget

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Using Young Living On A Budget

By now almost everyone is using essential oils. There are so many brands and plans to choose from, it can be overwhelming. When I got into oils I did a lot of research into which brand was really the best, and which one was right for me. There are drastic variations in price, but in the end I chose quality.

I decided to use Young Living because they have their own farms and seem to have a lot more control over the whole seed to seal process. I was impressed with their better-than-organic growing practices, too.

But, let’s face it. Most of the time, you get what you pay for, and using Young Living can get expensive quickly. Young Living offers a monthly promotion of free products at the $190, $250, and $300 order totals, and many have suggested ordering $300 monthly to maximize the freebies, because the breakdown makes it a much better deal.

Let me welcome you back to reality for a second. $300 a month looks more like groceries for an entire month or all of my utilities. That is just an insane amount of my small budget! So is it possible to use Young Living when you don’t have a lot of discretionary income, or do you have to settle for cheaper oils? It IS possible! These are a few of my best tips for squeezing Young Living into a tight budget.

Start With The Premium Starter Kit

This may seem like I am contradicting myself, but I recommend that everyone start their Young Living addiction journey with a Premium Starter Kit. It is $150, which can be a big blow to a lot of budgets, so you need to plan ahead to purchase. Put some cash in an envelope every month, do a couple of odd jobs to earn the money, sell things on Facebook swap sites. Realistically, you can come up with $150 pretty quickly if you are motivated.

The Premium Starter kit really IS the best deal. You get almost $300 worth of stuff, plus it is everything you need to get started with essential oils. I advise people to get a starter kit and just start playing with the oils. By the time you start using up the 5 ml bottles that are included, you will have a good idea of your favorites, and what you want to reorder. They have chosen the 11 oils in this kit because they are the most versatile and popular. For everyone who purchases a starter kit under me, I gift them with a reference guide that has tons of detailed information on what oils to use for different things and information about the oils themselves.

You don’t need every single oil known to man.

I have been told that I have an addictive personality. When I first got into essential oils I was doing a steady freelance writing job, so I had some extra spending cash. Every single month I spent my max budget getting every oil I possibly could because, if one is good, 3375640 is better, right?

If your budget allows you to buy all the oils, rock on. I am totally jealous. But you don’t need every single oil that Young Living makes to have an effective collection. After a month or two of using oils, you will have a pretty good idea of what your staples are and what you reach for most often. Concentrate on keeping those on hand, and don’t worry about trying every single oil. Many of them have overlapping properties, so you can often substitute with what you have on hand.

Get on Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards means a commitment to a monthly order of at least $50. That may sound like a lot, but add it to your monthly budget so you can prepare for it. When you are in Essential Rewards you get reduced shipping, plus you earn points back that you can purchase oils with. My Essential Rewards points are generally what I use to “splurge” and buy things I can’t afford in my monthly order. 

Share oils with other people

When I got into essential oils the absolute last thing I wanted to do was sell them. That’s so annoying when people are peddling products! But I did talk to my friends and salon clients about trying them out and what my experience was. And people started asking how they could try them out, too. 

As people started to sign up under me, I started seeing small credits to my Young Living account. Then checks started coming in the mail. Less than a year later I make enough to pay for all of the oils I use and then some. And that was with minimal effort (I own my own businesses and homeschool, I just didn’t have the time to commit), imagine what would happen if I had some time to invest!

The bottom line is, if it is important to your family to start getting rid of the chemicals in your home and using more natural products in your daily life, you CAN find room for Young Living in your budget.

If you haven’t gotten your Premium Starter Kit yet, join my team! And if you are already on your oily journey I would love to hear some of your tips for using Young Living on a budget!


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  1. I really really appreciate this post!
    Thank you!
    As a single mom on a teacher’s salary I have been wondering whether YL was really going to work for us.
    You have given me such hope, thank you x

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