Unplugged: Surviving Without A Smartphone

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This is the year of being UNPLUGGED for my family. From getting rid of my iPhone to canceling Netflix, we have made several changes that have saved us money, and considerably lessened our facetime with our electronics.

I loved my iPhone. I have had an iPhone ever since they started making them. I waited in line for the 5s on the day they came out. I kept my calendar on it, client information, even pictures of hairstyle ideas to show my clients. Not to mention that I could keep in contact with clients via Facebook and text, and promote my blog all day. It was a necessity. Or so I thought. 

As you know we are saving money to buy our first house, and would like to purchase within a year. That means saving a pretty sizable chunk of change, and as it became clear that wouldn’t be possible without cutting some of our core bills, the iPhone went on the chopping block. 

By dropping the data on my phone line, getting our iPad off the Next plan, and dropping the data on that we were able to switch to a cheaper plan which still has unlimited talk and texting, yet drop our bill by $100 a month.  I replaced my iPhone with …


So far I am shocked at how little I miss my iPhone. There are definitely times that it would be nice to look up information on the go, but I find myself a lot less concerned about what is being posted on Facebook or what the breaking news is. I am more intentional with my internet usage, and have even dramatically cut back when I am at home. A friend just told me yesterday, ” I still can’t believe that YOU gave up your iPhone.” I often joked that it was an extension of my hand. I think it will be a very good detox for me to live without it for a year. At this time I plan to get an iPhone again after we purchase a house, but who knows, in a year’s time I might decide I don’t want to go back.

I have been taking my iPad to work with me, even though I don’t have wifi access there, because then I can still use my calendar, and even access pictures to show my clients. We do have a computer with internet at work so I can check my email a couple of times a day and still communicate with my husband while he is at work.

My phone goes off a lot less now, and I reach for it a lot less. I am actually enjoying the freedom of not having the phone on my person at all times. Now I use it strictly for communication, not for entertainment or an expensive toy.  The only thing I really miss it for is to listen to music when I walk, but I am going to dig out my husbands old iPhone 4 with a cracked screen and use that for an iPod. 

A week in my verdict is: I actually regret all the money I have spent on having a smartphone all these years. The freedom and financial benefits I am experiencing without it far outweigh the convenience.



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