Tips For Communicating With Your Hair Stylist

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If you are unhappy every time you leave the salon, chances are there is communication issue between you and your stylist. Texturizing, disconnection, bobs … what does it all mean? Here are a few pointers for communicating exactly what you want every time.
Bring a picture. The easiest way to communicate to your stylist what you want is to show them! Choppy layers means something different to every stylist, so instead of telling them, bring a picture – or several – of styles and elements that you like. In this age of smart phones and tablets its easier than ever to search and compile pictures from sources like Pinterest and save them to your device. Then you can show your stylist exactly what you mean when you say you want red highlights, or layers that frame your face.

Don’t try to speak the language. Don’t use “hairstylist terms” like disconnection, weight line, etc. Many times these terms are interchangeable in the salon world for several different techniques, and may not mean the same thing to every stylist. New terms are constantly being coined for old and new techniques alike – did you know that a retexturing service is just a perm?

Be upfront and honest. The average head of hair grows at a rate of 1/2″ per month. If you have hair that falls past your shoulders, some of that hair is several years old. So when your stylist asks about your chemical history, don’t omit that “wash out” color you did for Halloween two years ago. It can and will affect the final outcome, so the more information your stylist has to work with, the more accurately they can formulate and tailor your cut and color especially for your hair.

Tell your stylist what ISN’T working. Instead of just telling your stylist you want a trim, tell them that your hair is flat in the crown, or that your curls are bulky at the ends. Your stylist can then suggest a fix for the issue, be it some texturizing in the crown or reshaping your layers. If your cut was too short last time – tell your stylist! Your stylist wants you to be happy with your hair, and they can’t fix issues they don’t know about.

Listen to your stylist. One factor that is almost as important as your stylist listening to you, is you listening to your stylist. A good cut will only take you so far in your morning styling routine, you will also need the correct products to achieve the look you are going for. If purchasing all of the products your stylist recommends isn’t in your budget, ask which one or two are the most important for your style.

The next time you head to the salon let your stylist know that you want a few extra minutes to chat before the service. Most salons even offer a free consultation where you can go in and just talk to the stylist and then book your appointment for a later date. An effective consultation will turn your salon experience into a relaxing treat.



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