The Benefits Of A Clean House

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The Benefits Of A Clean House

Why do you want your house to be clean?

Have you really thought about it?

No matter what your reason is, there are a lot of benefits to maintaining a clean home, some you may not have even realized.

You Buy Less Stuff

The easiest way to save money on things for your home, is just to take care of what you already have so you don’t have to replace it! My grandparents had the same, red, shag carpet in their livingroom for almost 30 years until they replaced it a few years ago. 30 YEARS! And it was still in good condition when they replaced it, although woefully out of style. They took care of it, and it lasted forever. They don’t allow shoes in the house, they don’t allow eating in the living room, and they have rugs all over the high-traffic areas. 

We live in a throw-away society where things aren’t made to last, and even if they are we don’t care if they break because we can just replace them. Not only is this bad for the environment, this is bad for our budget. Keeping my home clean and maintaining the items in it is being a good steward of what God has blessed me with.

It’s An Instant Mood-Changer

Think about walking into a clean, clutter-free room. Now think about walking into a cluttered room that needed to be dusted a few months ago, and smells like there might be a pizza-turned-science-experiment under the bed. How do those rooms make you feel differently?

If you are anything like me, a clean, orderly space equals a calm, uncluttered mind, and instantly boosts my mood. I may not always enjoy cleaning, but I certainly enjoy the after-affects.

It Keeps You Healthy

Another one of the benefits of a clean house is the health benefit! Dust isn’t just gross, it can seriously aggravate allergies and asthma, and contains a lot of nasty stuff. 

A seriously unclean home can attract unwanted guests – like bugs and rodents. I don’t mean to say that ONLY unclean homes deal with pests, but if you don’t create an ideal habitat for them, the problem will be much easier to control.

It’s A Good Habit That Leads To Other Good Habits

In one University of Minnesota study, participants who were neat and orderly were TWICE as likely to choose an apple as chocolate when offered a snack. Now, I wouldn’t call cleaning your house a weightloss plan, but discipline in one area almost always leads to discipline in others.

So, I encourage you to keep going in this 31 Days To A Clean house. The benefits of a clean house far outweigh the work ahead.


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