Simple Ways to Hygge

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Remember last year when hygge was the huge trend? In case you missed it, hygge (pronounced something like hoo-guh) is the Danish art of finding coziness even when it’s freezing cold outside. Fuzzy blankets, candles, a homemade meal shared with family – these are the types of things that contribute to hygge. Today I am going to share some simple ways to hygge this winter.

Salt Lamps


I have severe asthma so I don’t burn candles in my home. Himalayan Salt Lamps add that cozy glow of candlelight without any negative respiratory affects. In fact, they release negative ions which are said to cleanse the air.

Electric Blanket


There’s nothing better than a cozy blanket, and if you live in a cold climate like I do, make it electric. I got an electric blanket a couple of years ago and I am obsessed! It’s such a simple luxury to curl up with a warm blanket on cold, windy evenings.

A Cup Of Tea


One of the truly simple pleasures that brings me the most joy is a hot cup of herbal tea. My favorite is Orange Ginger Mint by Republic of Tea. I brew a fairly large mug with two tea bags and a slice of lemon and it is divine! Everything from opening the tea container and smelling the aroma, to the lights on my tea kettle make this an enjoyable habit!

Electric Fireplace


It’s probably because I live in a cold climate, but a big part of coziness for me is being WARM. A recent addition to my hygge toolbox is a small, electric heater that looks like a fireplace! I am impressed with how realistic and relaxing the fire looks, and I love that I can add some extra coziness to whatever room I am in.

There are a lot of different ways to incorporate hygge into your home and routine, but I hope this gives you a few ideas besides the usual candles and twinkle lights. How are you staying cozy this winter?


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