Redirection: When Financial Goals Change

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A major theme of this blog has been about how my husband and I are trying to save a down payment to purchase our first home. Well, this week we spent almost our entire house fund. Why? We decided we had out the cart before the horse.

We are in pretty healthy financial condition, but we do carry a little bit of debt. We have a small car loan, that has a very small payment, and a little balance on a credit card. We were making larger-than minimum payments on both, but it would be a few years until both were completely paid off.

After a long talk and some re-evaluation, we decided that we should get out of debt before buying a house. Plenty of people buy houses while carrying a couple thousand dollars in credit card debt, but we don’t want to be typical people. We pretty closely subscribe to Dave Ramsey’s way of budgeting, and buying a house while carrying consumer debt is a no-go.

We took most of the money we had saved towards a house and completely paid off the credit card. We will take the rest and put it towards the car, as well as rolling what we would normally pay on the credit card and adding it to our monthly car payment. If we stay diligent we should have the car paid off in about 6 months, and then we should have a good down payment saved a year later.

On one hand it is disappointing to put off home-ownership for another 18 months. But we want our home to be a blessing, not a curse, and to have the flexibility and freedom that financial security brings to buying a house. 

I will definitely keep you updated on our progress, but for now I will continue being content with apartment living. 🙂


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