Project 2015: Simple Goal Setting

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Instead of making new year’s resolutions, I like to set goals for the next year. Resolutions are like promises waiting to be broken, but goals are tangible things that you can work towards achieving.

So, setting goals is all good and well, but what makes them any different than resolutions? Writing them down.

In 1979 a study asked Harvard MBA students if they had set clear, written goals. Only 3% had written goals, and only 13% had unwritten goals. Ten years later the 13% who had goals were earning double what the 84% who had no goals were earning, and the 3% who had written goals were, on average, making 10 times more than the rest of the class.

Setting our goals is one thing, writing them down is not optional!

I wrote out 3 different sets of goals. The first were our goals as a family, which I printed out and posted on our refrigerator. I HATE having things on the fridge, but that’s how important it is to continually see and be reminded of these goals! My second set were goals for my blog, and the third were personal goals. I did not write out goals for my business as a hairstylist because honestly as long as I treat people how I would like to be treated, that business remains good to me.

Action Steps

Once you determine your goals, write down a couple of action steps for each. For instance, one of our family goals is to lose weight. Our action steps are going for daily walks, and cleaning up our diet.

Giving youself clear, manageable steps to achieve your goal and keep it where you can see it. I keep my personal and blog goals in my planner, and like I said, we keep our family goals on the fridge.

familygoalsYou only have two days left, get to goal setting! And don’t forget to write them down.


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