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Christmas can be a conflicting holiday for minimalists or those who aspire to keep it simple. We are expected to buy our kids the shiniest, newest, plastic toys when in reality most of them already have way too many. The past few years we have tried to be more intentional and concentrate on non-toy gifts for our kids, but it can be hard to think of good ideas! Today I am sharing a few that might inspire you to give a more meaningful gift that ISN’T a toy this year.

Sequin Sparkle And Change Bible

non-toy giftsI have a teenage girl, as well as a preschool niece who both LOVE things with mermaid sequins. This Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible not only has adorable mermaid sequins in a heart pattern on the front, it is in the ICB translation which was created specifically for children. It is ideal for ages 6-10 but my 17-year-old was a little jealous when I told her I planned on giving this to my niece.

This is a nice size of Bible for kids, and I like that it has pages interspersed with lessons like how do I pray? and how do I forgive? It includes maps and has verses highlighted to help with memorization. 

When I was a child I had a Bible that I kept in pristine condition. Now I encourage my kids to highlight, take notes, and even draw and journal in their Bibles. A Bible that is appealing to them and one that is their own is a great gift that they will keep for years to come.

Experience Gifts

I see a lot of people suggest experience gifts, but what does that really mean? Well, this year we are gifting our kids tickets to the local tubing hill. My parents are giving my boys passes to the trampoline park and some cash so they can eat pizza while they are there. My teenager is getting concert tickets. And as a family gift we are renewing our membership to the local children’s museum. 

Craft Projects

non-toy giftsTwo of my kids love all things creative, so gifts like this creativity can are perfect for them! Crafts are somewhat consumable, and can keep them entertained for hours. I think there are far-reaching benefits to encouraging their creativity.

Last year I got one of the boys this Crayola art kit because he loves to draw. He absolutely loves having such a huge selection of crayons, pencils and markers, and I love that it can all go back into this compact case when he is done.

For my teenager planners, journals, and pens are always a huge hit. She is a child after my own heart, and since she is old enough to take care of her things it is fun to treat her to things like a Leuchtturm1917 journal or a fountain pen.


non-toy giftsCameras are a non-toy gift that you may not have thought about. My boys have these VTech Kidizoom Action Cameras and they love them! They can be mounted to bike handlebars or even go underwater in the plastic case. These cameras take pictures, video and even have some games on them. They put up with some serious abuse as we have had them for several years.

As they get older they are more interested in taking better quality pictures so we are moving up to “real” cameras. I don’t want to spend a lot of money because they are typical boys and can be hard on things, so I think these 20MP, waterproof cameras might be perfect! I love that they have the LCD screen.



non-toy giftsAnother non-toy gift that all three of my kids have loved is watches. My oldest has an Apple Watch now, so the younger two were feeling seriously left out. These V Tech smart watches are so neat! 

These watches have dual cameras (hello Apple, why isn’t there one on my Apple Watch?!) and you can customize the face to read as digital or analog. There are games on the watch, including a Pokemon-Go type where they can find monsters. There are motion challenges that encourage them to be active, and even photo filters. 


I hope this list gives you some inspiration for some useful, educational and non-toy gifts this year!

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