My Minimalist Kitchen Tour

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My Minimalist Kitchen Tour

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I love seeing minimalist house tours for inspiration, so today I am going to show you my minimalist kitchen. We are a busy family of 5 and we have found a level of “stuff” that works well for our lifestyle.

I got into minimalism a few years ago and spent several months decluttering our apartment. I felt an immense peace as I got our possessions down to “enough.” But life was turned upside down when we lost almost everything in a fire, and it was really difficult to decide what we would and wouldn’t need when we were starting completely from scratch. 

We bought our first home a few months ago, so we plan to stay put for many years. This seemed like a really prime opportunity to go back through our possessions and minimize them down to what we loved and is useful. I decluttered quite a bit when we moved, but I was still finding myself frustrated by continual messes and things that just didn’t work in our new space. Whenever these feelings start to creep in, I know it is a symptom that we have too much stuff.

I have read the Konmari book (I am actually re-reading it this month), and I love a lot of the principles in it, but the best way for me to personally declutter is room by room. I decided to start with the kitchen because not only is it one of the most important rooms in our home, it is also where my desk is located and the room I do 90% of my work in. It SEEMED like it would be an easy room to declutter because after the fire we really only replaced the bare essentials, but 3 days and several garbage bags later I realized we had accumulated way more stuff than I thought possible.

While getting down to minimal is somewhat of a fluid process, I feel like we are at a good point in the kitchen now. At the very least we have made it infinitely more functional and easier to keep clean!

The Pantry

minimalist kitchen

Our pantry is narrow but deep, which makes it difficult to see what is in the back. I pulled everything out and then rearranged it to make a little more sense. Now I can see what food we actually have at a glance. As we use up some of these items they wont be replaced. Instead my goal is to keep a basic stock on hand that we will actually use up within a reasonable amount of time.

Eventually I would love to install a drawer to hold my mason jars. I use these to store dry food.

Plates, Pots and Pans

minimalist kitchen

In this cupboard I store all of our pots and pans, some of my Kitchenaid attachments, and our plates and bowls. Eventually I would like to replace these mismatched ones with a white set. Ideally we will have 8 plates and 6 bowls. Our cookware set was the perfect size for our family. The only piece I don’t use regularly is the 10″ frying pan.

Food Storage, Glasses and Mugs

minimalist kitchen
We have more glasses than this, they were just in the dishwasher!

We have always had a hard time keeping enough glasses on hand because we seem to break a lot. And by we, I mean my teenager who is ever so careful when doing dishes. My sister and brother in law gifted us some of their excess glassware collection and I fell in love with these Swerve glasses. We haven’t broken one since we got them a couple of years ago, and eventually we will get the entire set. The champagne flutes are from the hotel we stayed in when we got married, and I have pared our mug collection down to 4 mugs because even though there are 5 of us, my husband doesn’t ever use one.  I keep a sippy cup on hand for when my toddler niece is over, but soon she will outgrow this and be able to use a regular cup so I will donate it. 

I keep a few small dishes up here like a salsa bowl, and small serving bowls. We actually use these quite a bit when we entertain. I am slowly transitioning our food storage containers from plastic to glass, so we have a bit of both up here.

On the top shelf I keep our large bowls. I keep unused mason jars up here as well. My husband likes to grab these to use for drinking water, and since I have the plastic lids these are great storage containers. Someday I would love to upgrade to these bamboo lids.

Baking Supplies

minimalist kitchen

This cupboard is on the far end of my kitchen and I keep my baking pans and supplies here, as well as my coffee grinder and maker. 

Bottom Cupboards

minimalist kitchen

In my bottom cupboards I store appliances that I want easy access to, but don’t use enough to keep on my countertop. I may get rid of my crock pot because since I got an Instant Pot I have maybe used it once.

minimalist kitchen

Teas and Spices

minimalist kitchen

This cupboard is by my stove, so I keep my spices in here. I also keep my daily supplements, tea and coffee, pot holders, and dishwashing detergent. I replaced my potholders as I was decluttering because the old ones were ugly and falling apart. One of the things I enjoy about having less is that I can be intentional about each item I DO own. My goal is to love every item I keep in my home.


minimalist kitchen

I like to keep my countertops as clear as possible. My utensil crock was one of my daughter’s high school art project. I got rid of a lot of utensils that were old, broken, or I had several of. I really wish the toaster oven wasn’t on the counter, but its not practical to put it in a cupboard. The Kitchenaid Mixer is just too heavy for me to move, so it stays out as well.


minimalist kitchen

We have quite a few drawers in the kitchen that are completely unused, but I do use two to store my dishrags and dishtowels in. One holds our silverware, and one holds our tools and utensils. 


minimalist kitchen

We have a fairly large kitchen, so this room also houses my desk. I’m not sure that I love this setup, but it works for now. I also have this (now discontinued) rolling cart from Michael’s that I keep my cake stands and flour on.

minimalist kitchen

My kitchen may be more minimal than some and less than others, but I hope it has been an inspiration to you to declutter and get rid of things that aren’t useful. It’s ok to have empty drawers and shelves! Having a minimalist kitchen has made it so much more enjoyable to use and easier to keep clean! Is your kitchen pretty minimal, or do you have some decluttering to do?


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