My Current Notebooks, Planners and Journals

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My Current Notebooks, planners, and Journals*This post contains affiliate links

I love all things planning, and bullet journaling because, well, paper. And pens, and washi, and … I might have a problem.

I have tried several different planning and writing systems, and for now have landed on using an Erin Condren planner, two bullet journals, and a notebook. I feel like this keeps me organized, but allows me to try different things and be creative. That may seem like too much to some, but I know I am in good company with my fellow planner and notebook addicts.

Erin Condren Horizontal Planner

I tried going with just a bullet journal, but I found myself missing a planner. Right now I am using an Erin Condren horizontal planner as my salon appointment book (I am a hairstylist by day), and have begun adding my most-important daily to-do’s to it, so I don’t have to carry several different systems with me. I am liking it, but I confess – I gave in to the 40% off sale and ordered an Erin Condren vertical. I’m not going to entirely ditch the horizontal, but I missed my vertical roots. I have been seeing some really functional spreads in the hourly layout, but I am doing my best to resist the temptation to buy every planner ever made.

Erin Condren Horizontal I am doing somewhat of a hybrid planner/bullet journal daily spread, keeping track of my appointments and daily to-dos. I have been delving into the world of planner stickers because, by the end of the month I will have my Etsy shop reopen and be featuring planner stickers! I am going to have an updated post next week about Erin Condren planners, so check back.

Leuchtturm1917 notebook

I am still using my two Leuchtturm1917’s for a blog planner and bullet journal, although my personal BuJo is morphing into more of a place to house my monthly spreads and collections, as well as a place I can just journal.

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread I will never fully phase these out, because nothing compares to the feeling of writing in a bound journal with nice paper!

Erin Condren Journal

Erin Condren recently came out with new notebooks and journals with the choice of lined or dot grid pages! My bullet-journal-loving heart immediately needed to own a dot-grid version. I ordered a notebook, because I liked that it was the same size and coil-bound like the planners. When it finally arrived, I was disappointed to find they had sent me a journal instead, and that some of the pages were bound in backwards. They did end up refunding my money, so I will probably try again on a notebook. Since I had the journal in hand, of course I had to try it out.

erin condren jounral 2

My observations are that it probably would not hold up to regular, daily use as a bullet journal. The stickers in the back (which I LOVE, btw) fell out of the binding just from me opening the journal. The dot grid pattern is larger than that of the Leuchtturm1917, but that is not necessarily a negative, it just depends on your handwriting. The paper is buttery-smooth, and can even handle my fountain pens, although there is some slight shadowing. I love the size, and that is is really easy to slip in my bag. And I love, LOVE the watercolor-print cover! I think I need one for one of my planners!

Martha Stewart Discbound notebookThe last notebook I am using on a regular basis is the Martha Stewart disc bound notebook. I really wanted this in gray, but my local Staples only had the A5 size in aqua. Aqua is my jam, but can we all agree that it is getting played out? I love everything about this notebook, and I think everyone needs one.Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook I also purchased index dividers for it, so I could compartmentalize it for all of my businesses and aspects of my life. This functions as my “brain dump” notebook, so any time I need to take notes, or even write out a grocery list, this is my go-to. I love, LOVE the paper in this! I am going back to Staples and buying all the packs they have left because I am addicted to the silky, smoothness of it! 

It makes me laugh when I see the pile of notebooks and planners stacked on my desk, but I use them all, and they all help me to stay organized and on track with my crazy busy life. If you are interested in trying an Erin Condren planner, they currently have their 2016 ones 50% off, plus you get $10 off your first order if you use my referral link. What notebooks, planners and journals can you not live without?



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