My 2020 Planner Setup

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2020 Planner Setup

The best part of a new year is starting a new planner! For my 2020 planner setup I wanted to get back to basics and spend thee year in a minimal, functional setup.

 I thought I had my 2020 planner decisions settled, but towards the end of December I was suddenly feeling discontent with my system. I started looking at other planner sizes and systems and filling up online carts. Maybe another planner will suddenly grant me planner peace. Or new accessories. Or a different style of inserts.

Thankfully my good sense took over and I realized that if one of the 196351215167 planners I have used in the past haven’t magically made me organized, buying another one wouldn’t either. I was determined to make My current planner work. I started by pulling all of the decor and frivolous inserts out and getting back to bare bones. After all, all we REALLY need in a planner is a calendar and some note pages.

2020 planner

I took a hard look at what wasn’t working and why. Was it too busy? Was I tracking things just for the sake of tracking them? I pulled many sections out and worked with the bare bones. When I missed a section in my planner, I added it back in. I changed a few of my inserts, and even made some of my own to really tailor them to how I wanted to use them. After lots of tweaking, I am back to having a functional planner that I enjoy using.

2020 planner

The main “bones” of my 2020 planner setup are a Personal Filofax Finsbury binder, Peanuts Planner Co inserts, SmPlans inserts, and a few others.

2020 planner

2020 Planner Setup Video Flip

Check out my YouTube video for a detailed flip through on the specifics of my planner. 

Have you decided on your 2020 planner setup? I’d love to hear about it!


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