Must-Have Young Living Products For Travel

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Must-Have Young Living Products for Travel


I have a pretty large collection of essential oils (gotta have them all!). My family recently spent an entire month in a hotel room, and it wasn’t practical to have the whole collection out, but there were some must-haves that we had to have with us.

Thieves Spray

I’m not going to say I am a germaphobe, but I will tell you that I cleaned every square inch of the hotel room before I actually used anything. Thieves spray comes in a small bottle that is easy to throw in a purse or suitcase. It is excellent for cleaning any surfaces and protects from dust, mold and undesirable microorganisms. This is a must before you step in the shower with bare feet. *gag*


This oil saved my life (and/or sanity) while all of us were crammed into one hotel room. I diffused it to neutralize and eliminate funky hotel odors, put it on cotton balls to stick in shoes that were stored in our shared closet, and even added a drop to our laundry to keep it fresh in the hotel washing machine.


Thieves essential oil is also great for freshening the funk in a room. We diffused this frequently for immune support, and I added a drop or two to every sink of dishes I washed. You don’t know who’s mouth was on that silverware before you got there!

Stress Away

I’m not saying that any of my family members are complainers, but some like to voice their distaste for the scent of certain oils. Stress Away is one scent that my entire family loves in the diffuser, on our wrists, and even a drop in our drinking water! It helps combat normal stresses and creates a relaxing vibe. You can also add a drop of this to a cotton ball and stick it in the air vent in your vehicle if someone has a case of the “are we there yet’s?”

Bon Voyage Travel Pack

We love our Young Living bath and body products, and it is SO much easier to bring them with us now that there is the Bon Voyage Travel Pack. It has travel-sized bottles of Thieves Aroma Bright toothpaste, Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, Thieves Dental Floss, Thieves Mouthwash, Young Living Toothbrush, Lavender Shampoo, Lavender Conditioner, Cinnamint Lip Balm, Morning Start Bath and Shower Gel, and Genesis Hand and Body Lotion. That’s a lot of stuff! And it comes in its own bag.

Travel Fan Diffuser

This travel fan diffuser is perfect for travel by car, plane, or staying in a hotel. It is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, but it’s mini-fan disperses oils in up to a 1000 sq. ft. area! 

Ningxia Red

Last, but not least, we don’t leave home without Ningxia Red. It is an antioxidant blend that fortifies the body, replaces key nutrients, supports energy … All stuff you definitely need when traveling. It comes in bottles, or 2 oz pouches which are perfect for travel.

If you don’t have your own arsenal of essential oils for traveling, click here to get your own account. What are your must-haves when you are on the road?


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