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This week we have been packing up as much as we can and getting ready to move. We still don’t have a new home secured, so we could be looking at moving into a house, and apartment, or even having to put our things in storage. 

I significantly minimized our possesions a few months ago, and pretty much assumed that I was at bare minimum in a lot of categories. But preparing to move has made me reevaluate what items are true neccesities, and have helped me truly declutter and get to a minimum. Here are a few tips that I have used.

Would you pay to store this item?

We are looking at the real possibility of having to put our stuff in storage, which not only means paying t store it, but also means moving it twice. If that prospect doesn’t straighten out your priorities, I don’t know what will!

While you probably aren’t in the same position, as yourself if it would be worth keeping the item if you had to pay to store it. Because even if you aren’t renting a storage unit, you are paying for the square footage of your home and much of it is only used to store your belongings.

If I could buy any version of this item, would I choose the same one?

There aren’t a lot of positives when your house burns down and you find yourself homeless, but one upside is that I have been able to refurnish our home from scratch, purchasing only things I really love. In hindsight, I can’t believe we struggled with a can opener that barely worked because we were too cheap to buy a different one. As I am packing I am tossing several things because I would rather buy a new one when we get into a different house than mess around with something I don’t even like. 

I realize that it is not in everyone’s budget to replace every single thing at once, but work on only having things you love, and don’t bring anything else into your home that won’t fall under the same category. This line of thinking has stopped me from many impulse-buys.

Are you picking up what I am putting down? Don’t let a life-altering event like moving unexpectedly make you panic and shift your priorities. Change them now and only live with what you truly need and love. If you own things that don’t make your life BETTER, they actually own you. 

What would an unexpected move mean to you? Excitement, or panic?


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