Lots Of People Are Reading Blogs, Why Aren’t They Reading Mine?

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I talked last week about how I am done actively recruiting readers to my blog, at least for now.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t wish that my blog would take off and I would log in one morning to see thousands of views. I have worked really hard on my blog. I have read books, joined groups, promoted my heart out on social media. So why don’t people read it?

Lots of books and classes have been sold on the premise that there is a tried-and-true formula to hit it big and start making money. But the fact is most blogs fail, or fail to ever earn their writers any money.

There are definitely things that I have done that have had results, in the way of attracting views and sponsors. But, they also ate up a lot of time. Time that I just don’t have right now. And the results only lasted as long as I kept up with the time-consuming promotion. 

Maybe I am just living in denial that my blog is not that great. Or maybe hitting it big in the blog world has a lot more to do with luck then with any formula.

Maybe I am being unrealistic about what a monetized blog looks like. I love to write, and I love to share my life with you. A lot of monetized blogs read more like a scripted commercial, and I don’t ever want to do that.

I have met a lot of different people in the blogosphere, and I have to say that most were only interested in getting to the top and hitting it big. There are a lot of self-important divas in the blog world. It doesn’t seem to matter who they step on to get there. That is not who I am, And that is not who I want to turn into you no matter what dollar amount is attached. It’s not a competition to me, I just blog because I like to.

I guess I just don’t have the right personality to be in the business of blogging. That’s okay because I’m going to continue to write and if people read it and it resonates with them, that is truly the best payment.

And if they don’t read it, I guess I am just talking to myself LOL.

I’m not writing this post to bag on big-name bloggers, because I have met a couple who were really amazing and take a lot of time to give a hand to small bloggers trying to find their way. I guess I am just commiserating and offering some encouragement for the vast majority of bloggers who don’t get 100,000 views a month. Sure, it would be awesome to be compensated for the ridiculous amount of time that we pour into our blogs. But at the end of the day we write because we love to write. And that’s okay.

Who knows what life you might touch, or who might stumble across your post and find that little bit of encouragement that they needed. I think that’s pretty amazing, and holds value beyond what any marketing strategy or blogging formula might bring you.



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