Keeping Bedrooms Clean

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Keeping bedrooms clean

We have talked a lot about all of the rooms on the weekly cleaning schedule, but you may have noticed that it doesn’t directly address bedrooms, the kitchen etc. Today we are going to talk about why keeping bedrooms is worth the extra effort!

First of all, don’t make your bedroom double as a storage area or catch-all. I recommend having as little in this room as possible. I have a bed, night stand, and dresser in my bedroom. The decor is minimal, and muted, and I sleep like a baby. 

Make sure everything has a home. If you have a TV in your bedroom, store the remotes in a drawer, or box on your dresser. Don’t just leave them thrown on the floor beside the bed. Extra blankets? Get a basket to put them in, or under the bed storage. 

Make your bedroom a priority when you are cleaning. I was guilty of not truly cleaning my bedroom beyond making the bed and washing the sheets until it was obviously dirty. It doesn’t get dirty as fast as the rest of the house, but once you start dusting and vacuuming on a regular basis you will be shocked at how much nicer it ALWAYS looks. Your bedroom should be your oasis, don’t make it an afterthought.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to really love this space. It’s amazing what a rug or a new lamp can add. I challenge you to take this week to make your bedroom neat, orderly, and somewhere you can relax and recharge in.

This is my bedroom:


I have something hanging over the bed now, and you saw my nightstand in my decluttering post, and I have added a couple of throw pillows. I need to replace our white down-alternative comforter that was destroyed in the fire – it’s starting to get chilly at night!

Do you feel like your bedroom is an oasis? When is the last time it was REALLY clean?

31-Days-To_A-Clean-House-SeriesThis is day 19 in my series 31 Days To A Clean House


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