How To Save Money On Salon Products

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Most of you know that I am a hairstylist by day, but I am also on a strict budget and try to buy frugally. Today I am going to share a few tips that will enable you to buy top-quality salon products, without breaking the bank!

Buy Large Sizes
Ounce-for-ounce larger sizes are almost always a better buy. Also, liter sizes are on sale far more often than smaller sizes. My salon runs promotions like 2/$24 or 2/$32 on liter sizes almost monthly. A liter of shampoo should last you for at LEAST 80 uses, but if used properly, a lot more. There are 3 of us who use the same liters of shampoo and conditioner in my house, and with daily showers they lays us about two months. Make sure you educate everyone using the products on what the right amount is – for salon shampoo a dime sized amount is sufficient for most heads.

Dilute Liters Down
Once your liters of shampoo and conditioner have about 1/4-1/2 used, fill the bottle with water and shake well. That’s right, dilute those suckers right down. Salon products are by FAR more concentrated then the “over-the-counter” brands you will find in the drugstore, so they can be diluted pretty dramatically and still be effective.

Have The Right Haircut, And Use The Right Products
If you are scrunching half the bottle of gel in your curls, or shellacking down your coif after 30 minutes of frustrated styling, odds are there is a better product or style out there for you. If you have a good shape to your haircut, and maintain it, you will need less products to style it daily. Also, make sure you ask your stylist for product recommendations, or even have them show you how to style it. If you are using the wrong product not only will you be displeased wi the results, you will likely overuse.

Ask Your Stylist Which Products Are Most Important
Ask your stylist which products are most essential for your hair, and which you will benefit most from buying professionally. While most stylists DO make a small commission off of retail sales, it is not very substantial, so if you trust your stylist with your hair, you can trust them to be honest about products, I have had several clients ask me what they NEEDED to buy, and what they could do without in order to stay under budget. I also try to suggest products that are from several price ranges so my clients don’t feel pressured to buy a high-end line, even if that is my recommendation for their hair. Let your stylist know what your budget situation is, and they will be more than happy to assist you in finding a hair-care regimen that works for you.

I DO believe that buying salon products is worth it, and if used in the proper amounts, they do not have to break your budget!


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