How To Have A Productive Morning

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How To Have A Productive Morning*this post contains affiliate links

A lot of my friends either have small children, or their kids are out of the house. I have a teenager at home, and let me tell you, that has thrown our mornings into a whole new stratosphere of crazy. My husband recently got his own car so I no longer have to take him to work, but for a while, I was having to get up, pack lunches, take her to school, then race through traffic to get him to work on time. The first hour of my morning was utter chaos and spent taking care of everyone but me.

Starting my day off on such a stressful note set me up for a stressful day. Yuck, right? No one wants to start their mornings stressed, screaming at their kids, and frazzled. Mornings aren’t perfect now, but they are so much better than they were! Today I am going to share how to have a productive morning.

Start The Night Before

You have probably heard this one before, but it really is true that good morning routines begin with good night time routines. Turn off the TV a little earlier, stop eating a few hours before you go to bed, cut out the alcohol before bed, and go to bed a little earlier. I recently started using the app Sleep Cycle again, and I couldn’t BELIEVE how badly I was sleeping! No wonder I am tired and grouchy! If you don’t have a Fit Bit or something like that to track your sleep, I really recommend this app! A few things that have helped me improve my sleep are getting some exercise throughout the day, cutting out alcohol before bed, and trying to get to bed around the same time every night.

I also clean my kitchen before I go to bed (or make the teenager do it!). Waking up to a clean kitchen is well worth having to spend a few extra minutes putting it in order at night. I don’t make lunches the night before, but I do make sure that I have all the ingredients I need on hand so I can just throw them together the next morning. 

Miracle Morning

I read the book The Miracle Morning a while ago, and I loved the concept, but I struggled to really put it into practice. I have been trying to increase my step count every day, but have really struggled to even hit my base goal because I spend so much of my day in front of a computer. It finally clicked that if this goal was important to me, I needed to start working on it right away in the morning. I started getting up earlier and walking around my garage until I had at least 1,000 steps (how much I was trying to increase my goal). I don’t have time to walk 5 miles or anything, but getting that extra boost in the morning is not only good for me mentally, it has helped me to hit my daily step goal!

Stick To The Same Schedule

I eat the same thing for breakfast every day, and I do the same things at the same time every day. I allow myself to sleep an extra hour on Sundays, but other than that, the schedule stays that same! In my experience if I deviate from my regular routine, that’s when I start skipping steps and the chaos creeps back in. Sometimes I like to think that I know and I start to deviate, but time and time again I have fallen off the wagon. Simple works! Stick to it!

Your morning may look a little bit different than mine, but I’m sure you can relate to desiring a less chaotic routine! The Miracle Morning book is a great place to start. What are your tips for a less chaotic morning?


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