How To Deep Clean Textiles

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How To Deep Clean Textiles

We have done a lot of cleaning this month. but sometimes things need a little extra cleaning “oomph.” From furniture, to clothes, to carpet, we are going to talk about deep cleaning. Always test a small spot to check for color-fastness before trying any of these.


We have a linen ottoman. Looked great in the store, but is totally impractical for actual family life. It has seen more than it’s share of spilled drinks and greasy chip crumbs, and was looking a little worse for wear. I mixed 2 C hot water, 1/2 cap of liquid Tide, and 1 scoop of Oxy Clean until all the ingredients were incorporated. I dipped a rag in the mixture and scrubbed at the stains. It completely obliterated the stains, and now the ottoman looks brand new! This worked great when my dog threw up on my bed, too. I know, TMI.


Clothes can stop smelling clean and start looking dingy after a while. Fill up a tub or sink with hot water, 1 capful of liquid Tide or 1 scoop of powdered, 1/2 cup of Borax, and 1 scoop of Oxy Clean. Immerse clothes and let them soak till the water is totally cool – a few hours. This MAY lighten heavily pigmented clothes, so use some common sense. Once the water is cool, run the clothes through the washing machine. I was blown away at how much this brightened some my dingy stuff.


Now, this depends on what you are trying to clean out of the carpet. Cat pee? Get a blowtorch, that stuff doesn’t come out. Dog pee? Get an enzyme cleaner, soak the spot, and let it totally dry. Check it with a black light (this is a sound investment if you have a peepot pet) and re-apply until the spot is totally gone.

As fot things you can use in your carpet steamer … using anything other than what the manufacturer recommends will void your warranty. WHATEVER you use, I am partial adding 1 cup of vinegar to a tank of water to rinse after.

So there you have it, a brief synopsis of how to deep clean textiles. 

31-Days-To_A-Clean-House-SeriesThis is day 23 in my series 31 Days To A Clean House


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