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Selling stuff on the internet is a great way to not only declutter, but earn extra cash. We have sold almost $1,000 worth of items online in the past month to contribute to our down payment fund. Think that you don’t have anything to sell? Think again! Here are a few items that sell well on the internet that you may have overlooked.

Cell Phones. I just sold my iPhone 5s for $600, but even older models will fetch some cash. In my experience eBay is the best place to sell old cell phones, and you can browse completed listings to see what models like yours are going for. I have had the best luck with no reserve price on my auctions, although that will be an individual decision. Keep in mind that a percentage of your sale price will go to eBay and PayPal as well.

DVDs and Books. While used DVDs and books don’t bring a lot of money individually, if you have quite a few to sell you can earn a respectable amount of cash. I listed about 20 DVDs ranging from bad comedies to Disney movies on a local Facebook swap page at $3 each, and sold most of them rather quickly. Books sell well on eBay if they are popular titles, but make sure that you weigh them and consider your postage cost. That can be the difference between a profitable sale, and actually losing money. If you have any old textbooks lying around you can trade them in on Amazon for a few extra bucks.

Household Items and Electronics.  These kinds of items are great to list on Facebook or Craigslist because they are often too bulky to be able to ship economically. Be very upfront in your description about the working order and condition of the item. Also, decide before you list what your bottom dollar is because often people will try to negotiate the price.  Be wise with the details you chose to share when people are picking up. Pick a neutral location to meet if you a rent comfortable with them coming to your home, and if they do come to your home don’t mention times when no one will be home, etc. 

Sometimes and electronic item will do better on eBay. For example, my husband is selling his limited edition Star Wars Xbox. To a generic Xbox user this is not worth any more than any other Xbox, but to a Star Wars fan it is a collector’s item. After checking completed listings vs. what Xboxes are selling for locally, we decided eBay would probably net a better selling price.

If your goal is just to sell things and earn some cash, keep plugging away until you get the price you want on your items. But if your goal is to minimize and declutter, don’t place too much value on your stuff. Clutter adds stress to my life and a lot of work to my house cleaning routine, so if things don’t sell pretty quickly, we donate them to Goodwill. Certain things, like my iPhone, I definitely wanted to make a good profit on. But old clothes and knickknacks are not going to make a huge impact financially, and its so nice when everything is neat and organized.

Happy selling!


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