Fall Favorites

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Fall is my favorite season, and not just because my birthday is coming up this month! From the gorgeous, changing leaves, to the chunky sweaters, to a hot mug of tea there’s something about this season that embodies coziness. It’s been a little while since I did a favorites post, and there are a lot of new things I have been loving lately! So without further adieu, here are my fall favorites.

Fall Favorites

The Year of Living Happy by All Worthington

Fall FavoritesWhen I agreed to review this book I thought it was just that – a book. Ya’ll, it’s a journaling experience! I LOVE books I can write in! I read Alli’s book Breaking Busy a couple of years ago, but I wasn’t really sure what to expect from The Year of Happy Living. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I totally do and that is what drew me to this book.

The Year of Living Happy is divided up into 100 daily snippets of wisdom that are backed up by scripture, and then there is a space where you can answer questions or journal your thoughts. These snippets are organized into 12 parts, like Made To be Happy, When Happiness Is Hard, and Choosing Happiness.  Alli reassures us that it’s OKAY to want to be happy, and that God actually wants it for us! But that we need to redefine true happiness and make sure it is rooted in Him.

One of the entries is titled “Life Is Not A Pinterest Board.” How many times have you allowed someone else’s social media make you feel inadequate or steal your happiness? In this one she challenges you to take a break from whatever it is that is making you feel inadequate. In other entries she talks about the importance of gratitude, pursuing God instead of temporary happiness, and to be mindful of helping those around us to be happier.

This book is a hardcover that would make an excellent gift. I am looking forward to a few minutes of quiet time contemplating a pursuing happiness with this book as a guide. 

Agneta Shower Curtain by Anthropologie

Fall FavoritesA few weeks ago was pretty rough for my family. My uncle passed away and I was having some pretty serious health issues. The night we lost my uncle I came home to a river running through my basement because the wall had blown out. You could say September was a little stressful. My sweet husband told me to go ahead and order the stupidly-expensive shower curtain I have had my eye on to cheer me up. 

Our bathroom is definitely my least favorite room of our house. It’s extremely small and in desperate need of a remodel, but won’t see one for a few years yet. We painted it when we moved in, but it still needed SOMETHING. Changing the paint color, adding the new shower curtain, and hanging a new piece on the wall (a cow. I really wanted a cow) made SUCH a huge difference! I love the shower curtain so much – it really makes the room!

Hair Repear Ultimate Hair Towel

Fall Favorites

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have been doing the Curly Girl method for my hair care routine. For this method you don’t use a regular terrycloth towel on your hair because it can leech moisture and make the hair frizzy. Instead you use a microfiber towel or an old t shirt. I try to avoid microfiber because it is environmentally unfriendly, but I already had a couple of the Deva Curl towels on hand. They were ok, but a little small for the length of my hair. I saw the Hair Repear towels recommended in the Curly Girl community so I decided to give on a try. 

WOW! This towel is HUGE! Plus it is designed so you can wrap it up and tuck the ends into the elastic band for stability, so its super comfortable and easy to wear. Whether you have curly hair or not this towel is super absorbent and won’t rough up your cuticle. Washing my hair is kind of an ordeal because it is pretty long, and now with the Curly Girl method there are a lot of steps, but this towel has taken some of the headache out of drying!

Young Living Immupro

Fall FavoritesI’m not big on taking supplements as I try to get most of my nutrition from my diet, but after suffering through almost 6 months of uncontrolled asthma and chronic bronchitis last winter I wanted to beef up my immune system with any resource necessary. I grabbed Young Living Immupro on my monthly order thinking it would be an easy way to support my immune system, but not realizing it contained melatonin. I’ve tried taking melatonin to help me sleep before and it did absolutely nothing, but I still took the supplement at night as suggested. 

When I slept the entire first night without waking up I thought maybe it was a fluke, but ever since I added this supplement to my routine I am sleeping so much better! I have been falling asleep faster, and stay asleep all night. Being a chronic insomniac so even if I do manage to fall asleep, I wake up a bazillion times during the night. I don’t know if this supplement is actually boosting my immunity, but I know that a good night of sleep will help keep me healthier than anything.

Fall Favorites

So there are a few of my fall favorites! What are you digging this season? Head over to my Instagram and join the conversation!

Fall Favorites




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