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If you are following along with my 31 Days To A Clean House series, you are ready to get on a weekly cleaning schedule. Today we are dusting!

Dusting isn’t that exciting. And it probably doesn’t seem like I can compose a whole post based on the topic, but you would be WRONG. (Silly reader, I can talk about anything for hours on end.)

Ok, dusting isn’t the most glamorous chore, but forget to do it for a few weeks and you had better believe your house will look dirty. When I first started on a cleaning plan I kind of felt like dusting was a free day. I mean, how long can it really take to wipe off the top of our dressers? Then I started looking at my bed frame.

dustingYa, it’s hard to dust those little nooks and crannies with fat fingers.

So, the point is, don’t forget to dust EVERYTHING, from the sides and ledges on dressers, to the backs of TV’s, to your kitchen cabinets. Give picture frames a swipe with the rag, and once a month or so make sure you get the tops of door frames. I also try to dust my ceiling fans about once a month, and a couple of times a year REALLY clean them. I am always blown away by how dirty those blades get.

If I am pressed for time I do my dusting with this, which is also great for the ceiling fans. But, if I feel like it needs a little deeper clean I lightly spray a microfiber cloth with Thieves Cleaner (I told you, I use it for everything!) and wipe everything down that way.

I have two little dogs, and it is AMAZING how much dust get stirred up week to week. I am a little ashamed that I used to just dust when I noticed things were dirty, because every week I am shocked at how badly things need wiped off. 

So, dusting may not be the most exciting job in your home, but taking the time to be really thorough not only helps with allergies, it  keeps things remarkably cleaner week to week. So, go dust!

31-Days-To_A-Clean-House-SeriesThis is the 6th post in my 31 Days To A Clean House series, see all of them here.


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