Dollar Store Decor for Fall

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Dollar Store Decor For Fall

I don’t generally do a lot of decorating for the seasons and holidays, but this year I am turning over a new leaf and at least ATTEMPTING to decorate a bit. Due to the unforeseen loss of my husband’s vehicle, we don’t exactly have a lot of money in the “decorating fund” right now, so I did what any logical, poor person would do. Headed to the dollar store!

I got a few things at the Dollar Tree (where everything is $1) and some at the Dollar General (hardly anything is $1). Both stores had a lot of Halloween stuff, but it was a little slim pickings on the fall decor. Here is what I came up with.

My dining room table
My dining room table

This is the grouping I placed on my dining room table. Here is a run down of cost:

Table runner – $6 (Dollar General)

Orange metal basket – $1 (Dollar Tree)

Plastic gourds, leaves, and pinecones – $3 (Dollar General)

Harvest sign – $1 (Dollar General)

Glass vase – $1 (Dollar tree)

Floral arrangement – $3 (Dollar general)

Wood piece – $6.57 (Michael’s, after 40% off coupon)

First let me say, it is highway robbery that they charge $11 for a raw chunk of wood. Even with the coupon I think I paid too much, but I really wanted one.

The harvest sign is a little blingy for my taste, but my daughter picked it out.

On my coffee table
On my coffee table

This little tin sits on my coffee table, just to add a little color. The leaves are from a garland that I got. There is like 4 more feet of it, so who knows, it may pop up somewhere else in my house. And a run down:

Orange tin – $1 (Dollar Tree)

Balls – $0 (already had them)

Garland – $1 (Dollar General)

On my bookshelf
On my bookshelf

My daughter also picked up this little guy, which is specifically to hook on the pot of a plant. He was only $1, so why not.

This ended up finding a home in my bathroom
This ended up finding a home in my bathroom

I loved this little metal vase! I loved the fiery color of this leaf arrangement. This ended up finding a home in my bathroom. I love how much color it brings in the room! And the breakdown:

Metal vase – $1 (Dollar Tree)

Leaf arrangement  (2)-$1 each (Dollar Tree)

As you can see, adding a little fall decor to your home does NOT have to be expensive. My favorite part is that all of these decorations will transition from fall, to Halloween, to Thanksgiving, which means even more bang for my buck! 


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