DIY Essential Oil Perfume

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DIY Essential Oil Perfume

I think we can all agree that we are exposed to an overwhelming number of chemicals and toxins every day in everything from our food to our cleaners. I have been making changes over the past couple of years and swapping out some of my old products for non-toxic and chemical-free versions. Sometimes that means purchasing a different brand, and sometimes that means making things from scratch.

Something I have wanted to try for a long time is DIY essential oil perfume. The ingredients in perfumes and colognes have been scientifically linked to everything from asthma to cancer, and those toxins can build up in your liver over time. What’s really scary is that when “fragrance” is listed as an ingredient, it can literally contain anything without actually disclosing the individual components. That means HUNDREDS of ingredients can be hidden in that one tiny ingredient listing! Check this article out if you want to scare yourself.

I ditched traditional perfume several years ago, but I have just been relying on my usual essential oil applications for a pleasant scent, or going without. No one has told me I stink (we all have that friend, or in my case, teenage daughter, who would tell us if we did), but I do miss having a signature scent. Several essential oils that I use smell amazing, but since they are completely metabolized by the body within two hours the scent can be short-lived. And, sometimes it’s just not practical to apply them in the amount that would be needed to substitute for perfume.

So after lots of researching and trial and error, I have come up with my own DIY essential oil perfume, and I am really liking it! I like that I can spritz this over my whole body, and even clothes, vs. applying to specific areas of my skin. 

What Materials You Need For DIY Essential Oil Perfume:

Glass Spray bottles (I got these from Amazon!)

1 oz Vodka

essential oils of your choice

DIY Essential Oil Perfume

If you aren’t comfortable using vodka you CAN use a carrier oil as a base, like jojoba. If you use oil, I would use a roller bottle like this instead of a spray bottle. I think vodka carries the scent the best, and it won’t leave any residue on clothing. I was able to find small 50ml bottles of vodka for $1 each. The higher the proof you can find the better, but I was only able to find 80 proof.

DIY Essential Oil Perfume

Choosing the essential oils to add to your perfume can be as simple as choosing your favorite single or blend. You can also choose a top note – something light and pleasant like a citrus oil, the middle note – the heart of your fragrance, and then a base note – something more substantial. These different notes will make the perfume richer, and make the scent linger. The top note is the first one you will smell, the middle the second, and the base last.

DIY Essential Oil Perfume

Fill your bottle about 3/4ths full of vodka. Then add your essential oils. I chose to do lime as my top note since it is light, sweet, and pleasant. I did 15 drops of Young Living’s Lime Essential Oil. For my middle note I chose to use my favorite blend, Joy. This is very floral and I used 20 drops. Finally for the base note I chose Young Living’s Cedarwood Essential Oil and added 5 drops. On its own this oil smells strongly of cedar chips, and isn’t the most pleasant, but mixed in the perfume it is a nice anchor that isn’t overpowering. You can experiment with different combinations and amounts, and a quick Google search will bring up a ton of recipe ideas. Replace the lid and let the mixture sit for about 24 hours. This gives the scents time to meld together, and it may smell different after it sits for a while.

DIY Essential Oil Perfume

Store your perfume away from direct heat and light, just like with essential oils. Give it a shake before you apply. I really love the scent I came up with! You can add some washi tape or a label to the bottle if you are like me and think everything could stand a little washi.

What oils are you going to use for your DIY essential oil perfume?


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