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DIY Draft Stopper*this post contains affiliate links

It seems like winter has been a drastically different experience this year depending on which part of the country you live in. My friends in the East are complaining about spring, and even summer-like temperatures, while we have had a LOT of snow in these parts of the Midwest. A few days ago we missed the projected 12 inches the forecast was calling for, but ended up with about 6, and very cold temperatures in its aftermath. We have already set snowfall records, and the end isn’t in sight.

This is our first winter in our house, and keeping it warm without having to sell a kidney to pay the heat bill is a serious concern. The house we live in was seriously neglected when we moved in, so we have spent the better part of the year fixing damage, and attending to things that weren’t maintained. One of the things we never got to was replacing the worn (and in some cases, missing) weather stripping along the bottom of all of the doors. Without proper weather stripping, cold air gushes in under the doors, and all that expensive heat rushes out. 

I put blankets in front of all of the doors to help seal them, and it has definitely helped! The rooms instantly felt warmer. But, it’s a huge eyesore to have messy blankets thrown in front of every door – especially when I have kids and dogs traipsing in and out, leaving muddy footprints and debris on said blankets. I needed to find a different solution that didn’t break the bank.

One night I stopped into the store to grab a last-minute Christmas gift, and I stumbled across these fleece blankets that were a great price. A light bulb went off in my head, and I knew these were the solution to my drafty doors! I purchased 3 of the blankets, and then a big bag of rice. Voila – DIY draft stoppers.

Draft Stoppers Instructions:

Don’t let this project scare you if you aren’t a great seamstress – it’s just sewing straight lines. Or straight-ish, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Start by measuring the door you want to make a draft stopper for. Add 2″ to this length (for seam allowance, and to make sure the whole door will be covered), then cut two strips of fabric that are that length x 5″ wide. Place the wrong sides together, and then sew along one small end, and the two long sides, stopping about 1 1/2″ before the end, and leaving it open to fill.

DIY Draft StopperIf you have too much seam allowance, or your fabric slipped, you can trim the edges with a pinking shear to neaten it up.DIY draft stopper

Turn right-side-out and use a pencil (or something similar) to push the corners out. You may want an extra pair of hands when you fill this. Use a funnel or scoop to fill the stopper with rice, leaving about 4″ empty at the top. I discovered that a 1/2 cup measuring cup worked best.DIY Draft Stopper

Fold the sides inward and pin. Carefully sew them together. If this is too awkward, or your machine can’t get through the thickness of the fabric, sew it closed by hand, making sure your stitches are tight, and close enough together to prevent any rice from escaping.

DIY Draft Stoppers

This looks SO much nicer than blankets thrown in from of my door! And they eliminate a trip hazard as you come in the door. If you have any drafty doors and windows in your house, these draft stoppers are a really easy way to help keep the cold air out and the warm air in!

DIY Draft Stopper


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