Desk Rehab and Rearranging Furniture

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I don’t know what got into me Sunday morning, but I looked at my husband and said, “Should we move the furniture around a little bit and see what it looks like?”

I have lived in my apartment for almost 5 years and the furniture arrangement was decided when my brother in law hauled my couch in and put it down against a random wall. I have never been crazy about the arrangement – it felt a little jumbled and lacked flow – but I had NO idea how to fix it.

I don’t like change. Its a hard adjustment for me, even if its just furniture, and even if its for the better. As we started swapping furniture around we quickly realized that we had too much furniture in the room and that either we would have to move everything back, or something would have to be sacrificed. 

I have never liked having my desk/working/office area in the middle of the living room, so moving that out seemed to be the obvious choice. So after lots of heavy lifting from my husband, “I don’t like it”s from me, and grumbling, here is the before and after:

BEFORE (don't mind that I am recycling old blog graphics)
BEFORE (don’t mind that I am recycling old blog graphics)

Its a little bare without all of the pictures hung, but I still have a little work to do in there. I am going to sand down the small magazine rack/end table and either just seal it or paint it. I am also in the process of putting together 9 8 x 8″ frames into a collage wall on the wall you can’t see in the picture. I feel like there needs to be SOMETHING by the TV. My husband suggested we just get a larger TV.

So what happened to my desk? For right now it is stashed in my daughter’s room, but eventually it will be replaced with a filing cabinet. Its primary function is to hold my printer, and store my office supplies. 

I still needed an office/working area, so I took the desk out of my daughter’s room and claimed it as my new work desk. It is actually my desk from childhood, and hoo boy it has been painted a few times. The latest incarnation was a very messy, black paint job, so that had to go.

Desk BEFORE (and my unmade bed)

I would like to replace the hardware and probably paint the gold feet on the desk, but I am happy with how it came out. Its much smaller, so less intrusive since I currently have it beside my bed. Some day maybe we will have a large enough living space to have a separate office, but for now, I work beside my bed.

Another unplanned rehab was a little white shelf that I had purchased several years ago (I believe at the dollar store for $5ish) that has been sitting in a closet, unused. We used chalk paint on the desk, and if you are familiar with it you know it can be used on virtually any surface. We painted the shelf to match and hung it over the desk. At first I planned to put my supplies like pencils and paper clips on it, but I got to thinking  … IMG_2198 Essential oil shelf!

At first I wasn’t sure if I liked this because I liked displaying the oils out in the living area (yes, I collect essential oils, I own my weirdness), but after using this space for a couple of days I LOVE having them at my fingertips while I am working AND sleeping. I woke up last night with a little congestion. Normally I would just boo hoo about it until I either fell back asleep or my husband got irritated enough to get up and get me an oil. But no, I was able to roll right over, grab the R.C. and breathe through my nose again. Its a win-win.

I’m still a little undecided about the changes, but I’m certainly not moving everything back, so we will live with this for a while. Or just keep painting things.      


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